10 Best B2B Website Design Practices That Every Web Design Firm Should Follow

B2B leads unlike B2C consumers rarely buy things on impulse. However, they do enjoy convenience. This is the reason why more than 50 percent of them make more than half of their purchases online. The B2B website needs to leave a good first impression on the users. Especially if the client wants to increase his sales and generate more leads. Therefore, it’s very important for web design and development agencies to implement the best B2B website design practices in order to make the websites look professional and aesthetically appealing.  

In this blog, I will explain some vital elements of B2B web design. Compliance with these tips will help you boost your sales, build credibility and reach the right audience. 

Use These B2B Website Design Practices To Build Your Online Presence

The following tips will not only help you boost your brand’s digital presence but build credibility as well   

Intuitive Website Structure 

website structure design

A survey conducted by HubSpot concluded that ease of use is the most important element in any website’s design.  

It proves that convenient navigation and clear organisation of information are the keys to successful B2B web design. Your website’s navigation menus should not have too many categories. In fact, you should use it to highlight your 

  • Call to actions (CTAs) 
  • Products  
  • Contact Information 

Furthermore, the dropdown menus should also guide the users to the various sections of the website. The website should be organised clearly so that the users can examine it with ease. 

Implement Lead Capture And Lead Acquisition Mechanisms 

b2b lead acquisition

Enhance lead capture and lead acquisition by insuring CTAs and forms. The CTAs, forms and landing pages must be well designed. Furthermore, keeping the forms short will also help you boost conversions. Most web design and development agencies believe that a streamlined, clean web design is more likely to convert than an unappealing and cluttered one.  

Marketing automation allows you to proficiently handle your: 

  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • Email  

You may also use it to: 

  • Track ROI 
  • Personalise Communications 
  • Garner and Nurture Leads

A Mobile Friendly Website 

mobile friendly web design

Most people nowadays tend to access B2B websites via smart phones. A bad user experience can prompt the user to exit the site quickly. Therefore, the best b2b website design practices require you to prioritise mobile friendliness as it allows the user to browse the website seamlessly.  

 The incorporation of responsive web design techniques can help you make your website look good across all devices. This particular technique utilises CSS in order to create websites that can adapt functionally, elegantly and fluidly to any device.  

Compelling CTAs 

b2b website design

Most of your website’s users will know exactly what they are looking for. However, there are others who will have to be guided. Goals of any b2b website design should be to: 

  • Let users know about your offer 
  • Attract the target audience 

Last but not least, it should be able to compel the user to take some action on the website. Doesn’t matter if it is for: 

  • Setting up a consultation 
  • Downloading a case study 
  • Signing up for the newsletter 

Therefore, setting up multiple CTAs like ‘learn more’ and ‘find out more’ will compel the users to take a certain action on the website. 

Infinite Scrolling Affect With Animations 

design practices

Infinite scrolling when combined with subtle animation and good imagery is one of the most effective ways of telling a story on a website. 

Most users love scrolling. They love doing it because this is how they normally interact on social media platforms. Now that more and more people tend to browse the internet via mobile phones this design trend is likely to stay on top for many years to come.  

However, there must be a menu at the top of the home page for the convenience of users who are looking for a specific piece of information.  

High-Quality Images Of Products 

product images

Most companies believe that the main goal of their B2B website should be to generate interest or to sell something. This is why you must showcase your offers with the use of high quality images. Otherwise, users will not be able to see the true value of your products and lose interest.  

You must spend the necessary resources and time to put up high quality images/photos of your products on the website. 

Page Load Speed 

website page speed

In this digital era, people expect websites to be convenient, sleek and fast. The best b2b website design practices require us to be mindful of every minor detail that may affect the load speed of the web page.  Everything from JavaScript and high quality images should be taken care of in order to improve the loading speed. 

Use Case Studies And Customer Testimonials As Social Proof 

Case studies

Customers nowadays are resourceful, smart and above all sceptical. Therefore, it has become vital for businesses to provide as much information as they can about their services and products to the site visitors for the sake of earning their trust. 

Leveraging testimonials and customer reviews is one of the best ways of earning the trust of the customers. You may present them as social proof. You must ask your customers to give feedback about your products as it will enhance your credibility.  

Optimise Your B2B Website For Search Engine Indexing 

seo indexing

Website design services UK makes sure that all of the b2b web pages have unique Meta descriptions and titles. It helps the searchers and Google determine what type of information they can expect to be present on the web pages. 

Use HTML tags in order to give context to your website’s images. This will only improve the accessibility for the users.   

Ensure that your plug-ins, page design, etc. are set up optimally so that they may take full advantage of the available internet speed. 

Have A Consistent Colour Scheme 

Consistent colour scheme

Take some time out to pick out the best colour scheme for your brand. However, you must make sure that the chosen colour scheme not only sits well with your website but also help your brand move forward.  

Most established brands already have a colour scheme. It is important for you to stick to it and use it in things like promotional materials or logo.  

Did you find this blog on B2B web design practices insightful? Leave us a comment if you did or share an idea of your own. 

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