13 Reasons Why PPC Conversion Tracking Is A Smart Move For You

Well, we all are aware that businesses are going digital. This is why digital marketing is going high. PPC or Paid per clicks advertising are a significant part of your digital marketing campaign. Now businesses are one click away and this makes marketing more competitive. You devise a strong PPC conversion campaign but if you don’t track it then you will end up wasting a lot of money and effort on useless strategies. PPC Conversion Tracking is one of the most important aspects before you start any campaigns because if you don’t then you won’t know what is working and what isn’t.

What is Conversion?

ppc conversion

Before we step in PPC Conversion tracking let’s make note of the basics. There is a misconception about conversions that it only works for purchases made online. However, the truth is each company has different conversion standards. For example, if you are selling something online with an e-commerce website, then perhaps a purchase is a conversion. Whereas, if you belong to B2B lead generation companies, then a lead could be a conversion. Moreover, when someone fills in a form or you could set up a phone call with a client, can be a conversion for you.

If we sum up the essence of conversion, then it can be the actions, which are meaningful to your business.

The question remains, why does PPC conversion tracking matters to your business?

Knowing how many clicks you are getting doesn’t tell you which one of the clicks are leading to sales.

Ask yourself, how many sales you which you get, are acquired by PPC?

You don’t know?

In a nutshell, that is why you need conversion tracking

Setting up PPC campaigns takes time and money. So how can you be sure they reach your business goals? With PPC conversion tracking, there’s no need to wonder. It is a free tool that tracks user actions you have defined after they click your ad.

13 Reasons Why You Should Use PPC Conversion Tracking

use PPC conversion

Clear Insight into What is Working for your Website:

PPC insight

With PPC conversion tracking, you can get clear insight into which campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads, or landing pages are working for your website and which are not.

Defines Areas You Should Improve

PPC conversion tracking

Well, by having a clear insight into what is working for your business and what’s not, you can now improve your drawbacks.

You can then make changes in your strategies and do what’s best for your business.

Grow with New Ideas

ppc ideas

New ideas are always good. They can teach you a lesson or help your business grow. In either of the cases, you can eventually benefit your business. With PPC Conversion tracking, you can test a new PPC campaign and be able to assess the ideas, which have to be retained and which have to be adjusted.

Profitable Advertising Decisions


If you want to track significant actions taken by users, which are profitable for your company, then you have to have PPC Conversion tracking. Even if you have a well-established business, your conversion is set-up, still you have to track the investments.

Consider for a moment that, how much advertising power you could be harnessing if you knew the elements which show profit.

More Opportunities in your PPC Campaigns

B2B lead generation UK

Well, when you careful spend money only on the elements, which benefit your company, you have a room of opportunities for your company. Many B2B lead generation UK companies present new set of ideologies or tactics after they use PPC tracking. This then opens new successful doors for them.

Get More New Customers


Well, who doesn’t want more customer?

When you get the conversion data you can figure out what changes you need to make to improve. Make changes and you will see customers flooding in.

Improve your ROI

improve roi

Clicks are not valuable if they are not leading to conversions. You can reduce wasted spend while you track conversions. When you spend money on what matters you can improve your return on investment. You can also figure out your conversion rate Adwords so that you can use strategic tactics.

Try New Tactics

new conversion

When you have PPC conversion tracking implemented then you can have flexibility to experiment with other functionality in Google ads. Thus you can grow your business into a money making machine.

Less Investment in Conversion

ppc conversion

The business owners usually have a concern of how much they have to pay for clicks to get a conversion. Different conversions have different value to your business. With the PPC conversion tracking you can assign the value to the conversion for the way your business earns.

Historical Data

historical data

Conversion tracking shows how many revenue-earning actions were taken in the past. You can access the historical record of your conversions and thus you can make a clear PPC campaign.

Clear Analysis

Clear Analysis

You can clearly analyse the effectiveness of each step and conversion pages. The PPC conversion tracking can find out what you should eliminate and what you should keep.

Provides manageable bidding options

biding options

When it comes to conversion optimizer, you can start using cost per acquisition bidding. Combing bidding strategy with the insight of your PPC campaign can do well for capturing target audience. Contact the companies which provide best PPC management services, which will help you with easy management of your PPC campaigns.

Prevents loss

PPC conversion tracking

When you implement PPC conversion tracking then you can have a record of what is working for your business. This way you can prevent loss as you will be spending money only on the elements, which work for your business.

A profitable PPC management starts with tracking conversions. With finding out the returns on investments, detecting faults, testing new tactics, the importance of tracking can’t be neglected. With this article, you get the clear understanding about why you need PPC conversion tracking. You can learn more about PPC and other marketing tactics today. Convert your business into a money making machine by tracking your PPC conversions. We are a leading pay per click agency. So, with us your successful business is one click away. So enquire on our website now, we’re always happy to help.

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