8 Perilous Black Hat Off Page SEO Techniques Used Today

The game of SEO can be played both ways: the fairway, and the not so honest way.

Many people mix both the methods. These tricksters are often foolish at heart and try to look at the game in their favour. These sneaky techniques are known as Black Hat SEO in the world of off page SEO techniques.

In the world of SEO, we all know the precise policies that must be followed in order to rank your content or website better on search engines. Rules have been established to offer a relevant, safe and useful environment to make sure the quality of user experience is maintained.

Ranking on the top mainly depends on the changing and current SEO trends and the continually adjusting to the new algorithm updates.

But like the right side, there is a wrong side too. Many people out there try to outsmart the search engine rankings and break the rules rather than following them. That my dear friend, is the dark side of SEO.

If you are inquisitive to know the most common and perilous black hat SEO practices today to control Google, then keep on reading.

Keyword Stuffing

Let’s start with keyword stuffing, it is one of the most common black hat SEO techniques, and it is no longer applicable as it used to be in the past. Now the smart engines have become smarter and this trick does not work anymore.

In simple words, keyword stuffing means overusing the same keywords throughout the same page to increase organic traffic and maximise the visibility. Content that is stuffed with keywords looks fake, and it’s not user-friendly.

Another sneaky way to over optimise your site is by putting in a whole mixture of unrelated keywords, just for ranking.

Content Scams

Why not be a part of a private blog network? Full of scamps looking to abuse link juice. They don’t offer any value to the user. When it comes to content, the cost is all that matters. SEO experts who do the right content marketing and search engine optimisation will teach “content is king”. But the black hat SEO followers don’t care about that.

Invisible Text

Let’s put this straight, invisible text means using white text, a list of keywords on just a white background. This method makes the keywords entirely obscure to a visitor, but the Google bots can still detect and index them.


Cloaking is the most annoying and perilous black hat SEO technique. It’s creating one piece of content for the Google bots and then creating another one for the users to see. The bot hates this and you can get penalised heavily for this act.

Article Spinning

Article spinning is the same technique as duplicate content, and it has been increasing more than ever. It’s the next level of plagiarism, and it works in this way: take an article, copy it in particular software and the source with rephrasing it and produce you a “new” post out of it. Modification in the right way efficiently reduces the hazard of being spotted by any plagiarism tool.

Link Manipulation

Link manipulation! Let’s get links from anywhere. Article directories, spammy sites, websites that are not related etc. Are you a restaurant and you’ve got a link from a boutique? But what the hell? A link is a link. Don’t be so arrogant.

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Paid Links

Links are pretty valuable things, so why not use them in a way to make some money? There are several ways you can do this, such as selling your links in exchange for cash.

Blog Comment Spam

Why not comment the link to your website on various sites and blogs to gather more links. Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter whether they are relevant websites or not. Because a link is a link. Get it wrong and Google will penalise your site for this.


Blackhat off page SEO techniques are pretty perilous to practice because sooner or later the bot will detect them. Consequently, a site can be penalised or banned. Being banned is a rare penalty because it means the removal of a particular site from the SERPs. Penalisation is a more common punishment for negative SEO and involves dropping a website’s rank.

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