The Importance of Using Artificial Intelligence in Web Development

Artificial intelligence (AI) mostly focuses on the development of machines that depend on natural language processing and machine learning. The main purpose of integrating Artificial Intelligence in Web Development projects is to implement dynamic & innovative technologies that will help the developers improve the web experience for users.

The use of AI tools not only personalises the online experience of the users but also makes navigation instinctively clear.

Considering the fact that many businesses nowadays are looking to switch online and trying to find new ways of boosting their digital presence, you can say that AI will be amongst the most vital aspects of web development in the near future.

How is the Future of Web Development Being Changed by Artificial Intelligence?

The field of web development is quite popular. Modern users always search for more personalised and rich content. AI allows the developers to give emphasis on the more important steps of web development such as planning and the formulation of rich user experience and design strategies.

AI allows you to devise the best solution.

Integration of AI algorithms is one of the newest concepts in the field of web development.

You can use these algorithms in your codes. You can apply AI to many active tasks as well. The tasks may include identification of code snippets and updating, adding database records.

The concepts like AutoML help the developers in writing more effective codes. This is why AI induced bots and apps are faster and smarter.

The introduction of AI platforms is making things easier for the web developers. They can now take effective decisions regarding content, brand imaging, layout and design.

How Can We Use Artificial Intelligence in Web Development and Marketing?

artifical intelligence in marketing

Artificial Intelligence can be used in Web Development and Marketing. AI is helping brands win the trust of their customers.

You can decipher your buyer’s intent with the help of AI.

It allows you to analyse the behaviour of your customers. It can help you find out about the likes & dislikes of the customers. AI can also help you predict when and what the customer plans to buy.

The collection of this type of data will not only help you increase conversions and improve sales of your business. It will also help you identify the pros & cons of your marketing strategy.

Developers are actively using AI in all kinds of IT and web solutions. AI powered chatbots are more effective for communication.

AI promises further improvement in chatbots, AI powered marketing and SEO.

How To Get Into Web Development

How to get into web development

  • The most important thing is to learn the fundamentals of website development. An online course will prove to be very helpful for you.
  • Make use of the free software products, you can find plenty of them out there.
  • Read relevant books and articles. Try to engage with technical people on GitHub and Twitter.
  • Reviewing other peoples work can also be a big source of motivation.
  • Why don’t you get an internship? There is no better way of gaining real experience. The addition of exciting projects in your portfolio will only do you good.
  • Try your hand at freelancing. It will help you become an expert developer. It is also a great way of building your own credibility.
  • Always try to learn new things. Never stop learning.

The Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence in Web Development

Artificial Intelligence in Web Development

Personalised Content

Content is king whether it is in form of articles, blogs or videos. Implementation of AI can assist you in only showing the content that is tailor made for your target audience.

AI can predict the user’s experience. It can for e.g. suggest new videos and music to them on the basis of their past searches.

It allows the users to discover new and relevant content.

Fast Search

Customers want to get to the relevant information ASAP. Hence, the Voice based searches have become fairly popular among users.

Why do you think people use Siri and Google Assistant? They only use them to get quick access to information.

The concept of voice based search will make the process of buying much easier for clients.

Predictive SEO

AI tools can help with your SEO. It can identify errors in your website’s architecture. Bad content may have a negative impact on your SEO. AI will help you find that content and improve it.

Examples of Web Applications that are Using Artificial Intelligence

Many web apps are using AI to improve their systems. Now, let’s look at some of the web apps that use AI for this purpose.

Microsoft and Google Both Use Image Recognition

Image recognition can serve many purposes for web applications including:

  • Image Search
  • Locating Duplicates
  • Pattern and Object Recognition

Microsoft’s Captionbot.ai and Quickdraw of Google are two perfect examples of such web apps.


It is a grammar checking tool and has made the jobs of many teachers and editors easy. Grammarly can point out punctuation, styling and spelling mistakes. It can also detect plagiarism.

Grammarly first points out the mistakes and then suggests an edit. You can select multiple synonyms for each word and adjust your writing style as per your needs.


Netflix revamps their algorithm on the basis of visual sense. They collect both explicit and implicit data and feed it to their algorithm.

This helps them to find relevant data for their users.


Chatbots are already quite popular. Many companies use them. These bots use AI techniques to elicit apt responses.

It is vital for us developers to realise that the use of Artificial Intelligence in web development will give us more time to be creative.

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