The Biggest Digital Marketing Trends In 2020

The countdown to Christmas has already started. And it means the New Year is also not far, with all its technological changes and innovations. The New Year 2020 will be a huge bumper year in the world of digital marketing, and these six trends can change the way we do things. It’s time we look into some of the latest digital marketing trends in 2020.

Content Is Still The King/Queen

Effective digital marketing is still content driven, but the focus is now more on the customer centric content. Now, the content must have a proper learning value, breaking new grounds or be effectively disruptive. Digital content strategies in 2020 will be dependent on normal publication and topic selections will be more important than ever before.

Digital Marketing Across Devices

We have made a shift to mobile marketing and now plans need to be diversified to add a multi-channel approach. Genuine analysis of the consumer behavioral data can be used for optimising the user experience depending on what device is being used, in which location and what time of the day. Now you no longer have to keep only mobile in mind when creating a digital marketing strategy, for 2020 the big trend will be piercing down into the details of the devices and utilizing data to give customers what they want.

Social Selling

Social selling is an already increasing trend, but in 2020 it will most likely take off like a rocket. Seventy-five percent of the B2B consumers are already making use of social networks to assist them in making purchase decisions. Effective social selling needs the ability to tap into the data that is given by the social networks and target efforts through social listening and different other monitoring and analytic methods.


Personalisation has appeared on several digital marketing trend lists in 2020, and it has proven to be one of the top trends in 2020 as well. In 2020, it’s not only personlisation, its mass personlisation. Thanks to the absolute volume of information that can now be opened through big data – and the drive in AI algorithms and automation personlisation can be produced on a huge scale. The idea is to gather as much information as possible to feed into starting customised marketing techniques that are more successful in reaching the targeted audience.


The challenges of customer service have been given a great turn by AI (artificial intelligence). Chatbots can deliver info in real time, expanding the number of consumers a business can reach and interact with, and speeding up info distribution. The point is not to replace the human customer services, but to assist them. Chatbots make use of artificial intelligence to give on the most simple and mundane answer, while human beings focus more on complex queries that will add more value.

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  2. Digital Marketing is the new boom in technology. It will be the new create a new wave to the career in every region. Surely we all need to promote our business digitally now a days so digital marketing is providing us the same. Thanks for putting top notch content. Looking forward to come back for more informative articles.

  3. It’s great that you touched on how big social media is and how it can really help your business grow. My aunt is trying to build a new online business right now and I think it’s a good idea to use digital marketing to reach new customers. She needs to get in contact with some professionals soon so that she can get a solid marketing plan going.

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