Black Friday And Cyber Monday | What We’ve Learned And What To Expect

Cyber Monday and Black Friday are knocking at the door!

While customers are getting all set to catch the best deals, more and more sales are being put online. What once belonged to US traditions now has turned into a global celebration. To sum this, brands are working to get their slice of the market with everyone contending for the best spot online.

Black Friday

black friday

Well, most of you already know what Black Friday is but let us give you a briefing our way. It starts right after the Thanksgiving dinner when a large number of the public is waiting outside different stores carrying coffee mugs in their hands waiting for the store doors to open.

The store’s open very early in the morning, we mean at ridiculous hours, but you know what it’s all worth it. Masses of people wait for this as it’s the biggest sale of the year, and you get ridiculous discounts (here ridiculous means excellent). This isn’t just a regular sale, its hysteria, and this sale doesn’t end the in a day or two it’s for the whole month.

It’s the most massive, most brutal and intense, rewarding shopping time of the year. It’s the official announcement of Christmas season and is in simple words referred as Black Friday. This famous day falls November 23rd this year, so people are you ready for shopping?

More About Black Friday

The title Black Friday has a history, and it can be tracked to the 20th middle century and was quite popular at that time by the retail workers. A little negative meaning is also used for the day as it is the hardest and intense retailing day of the year.

While their families’ were enjoying the holiday and shopping, the retail workers were dealing a non-stop large mass of customers. The term quickly became popular and was known to everybody the shoppers and the retailers, as they knew it was one day of the year that will have them to wake up early and attend a non-stop day of jockeying, competing and fighting when it comes to the fantastic once-a-year sales.

In the UK the consumers roll out in force to spend around £5 billion of Back Friday and Cyber Monday. This massive figure may give customers anxiety as YouTube videos of fights and stampedes make it seem like Black Friday is more related to The Purge.

However, what is surprising that only 22% of sales are taking place in the store. Around 42% of purchases are taking place on the desktop or a laptop, with 31% are being done through smartphones. The convenience of ordering online is one of the current day’s success.

Seeing how well the black Friday sales work, retailers are now more into offering pre-black Friday offers and promotions. This shows how essential internet presence is to Black Friday. Whether a more massive corporation or SME consumers have started voting with their hands and not their toes.

Cyber Monday

cyber monday

Cyber Monday, on the other hand, is the younger relative of Black Friday. First invented by Scott Silverman and Ellen Davis in 2005, it came out from research that 77% of the online sales increased on the Monday following Thanksgiving Day.

Cyber Monday was a method through which the smaller companies competed with the big corps. By using e-store, they could reach a national level and even the international audience.

Since then, countries and businesses across the world have combined cyber Monday into their extended offers and sale calendars over the whole Thanksgiving period.

Purchases during the Cyber Monday remain balanced with some sectors doing far well than others. Favourite buying patterns stay constant with 50% of sales attributed to electronics.

Some way behind are toys (18%), clothing (30%), homeware (16%), food and beverages (7%), health and cosmetics (15%). It is also worth noting that Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a great hit amongst men and as compared to women, men are more into shopping on these days in the UK.

However you feel for this strange holiday, it is a requirement for any business to make a splash in their industry. This all begins with a killer website and a robust digital strategy.

Make sure to update your site, e-store, social media and ads channels to grab the attention of your market. If you need to get your SEO services strong contact us and we will help you reach your audience.

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