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A famous German proverb says “charity sees the need, not the cause”. When a person donates money, they are not sure what their money buys or whom it helps. Our online donation software is a bit different as it allows you donor to donate against actual food items or food parcels, hence giving them an insight into where the money will be spent. If they donate food parcels, they will have satisfaction in the knowledge that their donation will help a family for a whole week!

What Does Our Charity Donation System Offer?

Here is what our food bank charity donation system offers for our clients.

Charity Donation System cycle

Himmah Case Studies

Himmah is a Nottingham based charity that provides food to the needy. Due to COVID, the food poverty increased significantly whereas the donations dried up. Himmah approached Intelicle to create a donation system that is unique, engaging, and fun to use. Intelicle created a donation system by keeping the donors’ psyche in mind and created a system that is easy to use, provides tangible outcome for the donor and creates a feel-good factor that encourages them to donate more. Himmah were really happy with our system and have generated much needed funds.

Donation System case studies


Donation System easy to use icon
Easy to Use

Our systems are designed in collaboration with charities so they are created with ease of use in mind.

Donation System security

Charities often deal with sensitive data, which means that we have designed the system with emphasis on security.

Donation management System
Donor Database

Over a period of time, you create a database of donors. You can easily appoach them to help you with your latest project.

donation system reporting icon
Easy Reporting

Most organisations depend on the funding from the government. Our reporting allows you to run reports quickly that can used in your funding application.

donation system Cloud Technology icon
Cloud Technology

All our systems are based on cloud technology which means that you will have access to your system no matter where you are.

Mobile-Friendly Layout donation system
Mobile-Friendly Layout

As the use of mobile devices has increased a lot in recent times, our donation software is designed to work on all mobile devices seamlessly.


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