Himmah fundraising system

Intelicle helped Himmah to raise much needed funds by using our Fundraising system which engages the donors in a unique way.

UK Food aid-Food Management System

UK food aid developed a food bank management software by collaborating with Intelicle. The end result is a software that makes all aspects of managing a food bank fast and easy.

Nottingham people Pantry- online pantry system

Nottingham Peoples Pantry approached Intelicle to develop an online pantry system. At Intelicle, we used our extensive experience of eCommerce as well as charities to develop a system that is helping people in Nottingham who are suffering from food poverty.


Our Charity Systems

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Foodbank System

You are no longer required to keep manual records of your food bank as our food bank management software delivers effective automation and management of your day-to-day operations.
Our solution makes the process of managing referrals, scheduling food drops and managing your inventory really easy.
Food bank manager software allows you to manage your staff, volunteers and drivers to ensure that everyone can only see the data that they are meant to.
Our reporting will allow you to easily export stats to enable you to secure more funding.

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Easy to Use

Our systems are designed in collaboration with charities so they are created with ease of use in mind.

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Charities often deal with sensitive data, which means that we have designed the system with emphasis on security.

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Access Control

Charity organisations are run by volunteers as well as employees. We give you total control over who can see the sensitive data.

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Easy Reporting

Most organisations depend on the funding from the government. Our reporting allows you to run reports quickly that can be used in your funding application.

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Fast Service

Our systems are designed to streamline your day to day work, hence enabling you to offer quicker service to your customers rather than get bogged down by paperwork.

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Cloud Technology

All our systems are based on cloud technology which means that you will have access to your system no matter where you are.


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