How To Choose The Right Link Building SEO Agency Nottingham

If your company doesn’t have the right in-house skills to implement a link building campaign, it’s best that you hire a good link building agency.

But selecting the proper link building agency isn’t always as easy as it seems.

The world of link building can be a pretty dark place. Spammy quality blogs, ghosting, deception are just some of the issues that you might encounter if you happen to connect with the wrong agency.

So how do you differentiate a legit agency from a one that is not? Read through this blog to get the answers.

What To Expect From A Decent Link Building Agency

Link Building Agency

As a customer, you are allowed to set rational expectations from your link building agency.

Here are a few things that you will agree on.


Arrangement or alignment is the most important thing one should expect from the SEO agency. They should be able to align with your objectives, be considerate, and understand your link building objectives at the start and throughout the partnership.

Here are the questions you should be asking yourself:

  • Does the strategies of the particular agency make sense to you?
  • How will they help you achieve your goals?
  • Does your objectives align with the agency’s?


Is the link building agency answering all your questions about their processes?

You should always understand and feel comfortable with their link building strategies.

Sometimes, some experts in the SEO industry prefer to work in privacy. They don’t like to open up and show all their strategies. But, nowadays it’s essential that you feel comfortable with what they are doing and how they are doing it. You have the right to ask them how they will conduct your link building campaign and if they hesitate to answer that question, then you must consider the prospect of moving ahead with them.

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Your SEO agency Nottingham should be able to communicate with you on a regular basis. Their KPIs and goals should stay consistent to what you agreed on at the start.

You will also require a high level of responsiveness to your concerns and questions. When there is a problem that you need for urgently, it shouldn’t feel like you are chasing them.

Preferably, they should be active in dealing with the issue themselves without you getting to the point of highlighting it in front of them.


Your SEO link building agency should be able to deliver results in the agreed time. You are entitled to keep them accountable for transparency, communication and alignment.

When things aren’t working as planned, they should be fast to own up to the underperformance and offer you with a plan for the next week.

Point Of View

Your selected link building agency should have the right understanding of the strategy that will best suit your needs. You are paying them for their skills, because they have a unique vantage point and they have serviced many different clients in a variety of different industries. Their expertise will reflect in the engagement, and if they don’t show it, perhaps they don’t have it and it’s better to look somewhere else.

Hire a link building agency

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