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Do you own a business and ready to step into the digital world of retail? Have you given it a thought of having a website for your business? Do you want an online presence but torn between the tussle of Custom Web Design vs. Website Templates? Most business owners are not aware of the pros and cons of both options. Rather, it won’t be wrong to say that the majority doesn’t even understand the basic difference between the two.

Entrepreneurs regularly search for the least demanding and most productive option for gaining the most from their business. They do it to look proficient contrasted with their opposition. It is true as the more efficient your site appears, the more dependable it seems to the customers. However, the issue still remains that which one of the two options suits your business the most? Whether to go with a custom built web design or select a pre-made website template?

Custom Web Design vs. Website Templates

While the majority thinks that custom-built websites will always win the battle of Custom Web Design vs. Website Templates, this isn’t entirely true. Why? There are several reasons and we’re here to help you decide. How are we going to do it? Well, we are going to list down all the highs and lows of both options. And by the end of this post, you will be able to make a well-informed decision.

So, let’s dive in.

Website Templates

The most basic clarification of readymade Website Templates is an outline that offers you an existing design. These are usually sufficiently adaptable and your content can easily be inserted into them. In website templates, look for a design that visually correlates with your business and fulfills your requirements. This implies that after finding a favourite one, you just have to make minimal customization with hues, pictures, and outline.

So, normally if you want to start a website with a pre-made template you have to set up a WordPress site. After that’s done, move on to buying a template from sources like MotoCMS, Template Monster, or Theme Forest etc. There are several sources like these that offer a wide variety of templates for buying. However, not all these templates are completely responsive.

Other options, like Squarespace or Wix, have benefits and limitations of their own. They allow you to alter inside the template and are very effective when it comes to putting a website up. Nevertheless, they have limited options in terms of more intricate matters like e-commerce operations etc.

Custom Web Design

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To understand a Custom Web Design, focus on the word ‘custom’. In a custom-built website, each component is specially crafted to fit your business requirements. A customised web design revolves around the content and technique of your business. This type of web design, crafted solely for your business, is unique and makes sure that your website stands out. A custom web design is extremely effective in making a mark in the digital business world.

Creating a custom web design is not a one man’s job rather it includes a group of individuals who make it work. It begins with brainstorming and drafting to comprehend who is your intended audience, to whom are you trying to reach, in what ways do you want your website to work, and lastly, how do you want to appear on the web.

Search engine optimization assumes a major part in making any website successful. In custom-built websites, the developer has the ability to optimise the website during its production. This makes it possible for Google and other web indexes to understand what each page is about to give the end client a more relevant result.

Highs and Lows of Both Options

Custom Web Design vs. Website Templates is a battle that can confuse you and trick you into making an ill-informed decision. So, while deciding whether to choose website templates or custom web design it’s always helpful to know their pros and cons. Here are a few for you:

Design Validity

One of the advantages of a Custom Web Design is the 100% genuineness that you don’t get with Website Templates. In a battle of design validity between Custom Web Design and Website Templates a custom built design will always win. The reason is that if you select a website template, there is a greater chance of other businesses using the similar template. However, on the other hand, a custom built website guarantees a brand new and unique design that is designed solely for your business. It will take into consideration your company’s branding and will be built according to your requirements.


Even in the customisation quest of Custom Web Design vs. Website Templates, the custom-built websites have an upper hand. The website templates have no or very little options available in terms of customisation. It’s more like you get what you see and no hidden layout features are there that can come in handy some time. So, if you have your heart set on the readymade design then you’re good to go. However, if your business has unique needs then only custom web design is your saviour as it can be adapted according to your requirements. When the developer designs it from scratch then making modifications when you need is easier for him. Coping with updates is also in terms of a WordPress web design.

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A pre-made web design may or may not work properly on each and every device. Most readymade websites work best on desktop systems only. However, there is no 100% guarantee for them to work responsively on all devices, i.e. tablets, mobiles, and laptops. On the other hand, a custom web design is guaranteed by the developer to be 100% responsive on all devices. Before making a site live the developers make sure to give it a test run on all browsers. Therefore, a custom web design is more search engine friendly than a template.

Time & Cost-Effectiveness

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In terms of cost and time effectiveness, website templates seem to be more advantageous. They have a lower upfront cost because all the coding has already been done. And because the coding has been done already they have a significantly shorter development time. Therefore, website templates are comparatively more affordable and can be launched in a few days’ time. On the other hand, custom-built websites tend to be more expensive than the template ones.

Moreover, they take approximately six to eight weeks in being completely developed. The reason is that the developers are developing it from scratch and for a specific business. They have to take care of each and everything from back-end to bugs. This requires developers’ time and energy; therefore, they tend to be expensive. If you have the money then always opt for a custom-built website but if you’re on a budget then a basic website template would do just fine.

SEO Friendliness

In today’s digital business community the importance of an SEO friendly website cannot be stressed enough. Search engine optimization has a major role in making any website successful. During the development process of a custom-built website, the developer can easily make it SEO friendly but this is a troublesome task with a website template. New technical features and custom settings are not possible to be integrated into templates as they have a structured system. Their support systems are not as developed as the custom-built ones. Being SEO friendly makes it easier for search engines like Google to comprehend what your website page is trying to say which provides a potential client with a relevant result.

It’s Time to Decide

In case you’re on a tight expense plan and require a fast and direct site, particularly for companies that are simply beginning, a website template design may be your best alternative. A few organizations simply require a straightforward site that will give costumers all fundamental data about them and you can get that with a template.

However, if you have unique business requirements and huge objectives, or you simply need to stand out among similar businesses, then all you need is a custom-built website.

Now, if you want to waste your time in learning and figuring out how you can make your website work or hire professional developers to do it for you while you concentrate on running your business, the decision is entirely up to you.

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