Why everyone is switching to dark mode?

Okay, what’s the deal with this dark mode? It’s everywhere…

You might have wondered at some point, is this some new technology trend? Maybe it’s a millennial thingy?

dark mode tweets

Let’s find out together.

It all started with the first dark mode computer, back in the 1970s.
That’s a long history, eh?
Well, at that time the dark mode really wasn’t called dark mode, in fact, it was the default mode due to limitation of old equipment as the old computers were not so advanced technology-wise.

But question is, why everyone is switching to dark mode now?

We have a dark mode on chrome, we see Instagram dark mode, and then there is YouTube dark mode and a Twitter dark mode.

So, what is dark mode?

The dark mode is a popular colour scheme, which is in use widely these days by enabling neutral colours for text, icons and GUI etc., for a black background.

Who created dark mode?

As we have already discussed how dark mode was part of computers initially when using CRT, which had its limitation and then with the time technology shifted to RGB screens and now LCD and micro-LED technology is used in screens.
The trend of dark mode came in use around 2010 when different websites and mobile operating systems started introducing dark or night mode.

Coming forward, in 2019 Apple introduced its dark mode theme applications and there is no going back since then.

The dark mode is the new cool

dark mode is cool

Yeah, we get it. It is trendy and looks dark and every one on social media whether a social media marketer or a common teenager is using this. But, does it have other benefits too?

The answer is Yes, it helps you in many ways,

  • Making it easy to read
  • Less strain on eyes
  • Suitable for long hours of use
  • Doesn’t affect sleep if you use at night
  • Saves your battery

Is it that good? We’ll see what giants have to say about this

Apple dark mode

“Makes it easier to stay focused on your work.” 

Google dark mode

“Improves visibility for users with low vision and those who are sensitive to bright light.”

Microsoft dark mode

 “Reduce eye strain and improve battery life.”

Let’s go through popular platforms one by one and see how can you enable dark mode theme.

Chrome dark mode

chrome dark mode

Wondering how to enable dark mode on chrome?
Here is what you need to do to get google chrome dark mode on your android device.

Get to the More Setting Themes on your google chrome> select your favourite theme> you can also choose system default to get dark mode on chrome.

YouTube dark mode

You are probably one of those night owls who surf YouTube all night, or maybe someone who uses it for study purposes.  Well, either of these scenarios really takes a toll on the eyes.

Why is everyone switching to YouTube dark mode?
Watching videos for long hours is bad for your eyesight and it can cause many issues such as; computer vision syndrome, dry eyes, etc.
We can’t offer you an alternate though, but here is the least you can do for your health. Use the YouTube dark mode.

How to use YouTube dark mode?

Get to your YouTube app on your mobile phone or desktop.
Click on your profile> go to dark theme setting> enable YouTube dark mode

Instagram dark mode

Instagram provides you with an opportunity to turn on dark mode.

Here is how

Instagram dark mode android

Go to your Instagram app on android> click on your profile picture> tap top right > go to settings> click on themes> select Instagram dark mode

Instagram dark mode iOS

go to phone setting> select display and brightness> turn on dark theme> OR > enable auto mode to adjust the Instagram dark mode

Twitter dark mode

You can enable Twitter night mode with simple steps.

Go to your profile> tap on setting and privacy> select dark mode Twitter

You have also other options for twitter dark mode such as;
dim OR lights out

Facebook messenger dark mode

What is dark mode on messenger?
Here is how dark mode Facebook messenger can be enabled,

Go to Facebook messenger> click on your profile picture> a dark mode toggle is available> select dark mode to enable Facebook messenger dark mode

Until now we have shed light on the fact that why everyone is switching to dark mode and how to enable dark mode on chrome, YouTube dark mode, Instagram dark mode, and other social media platforms.

Yet, this night mode might have some negative effects on the users that we will discuss now.

Dark mode is making you less productive!

This might not sound right, but that’s the case with the excessive use of dark mode while reading and using screen late-night especially.

Dark mode could become a reason of time waste. How? Well, if you are too comfortable reading and using the screen for long hours, this could make you spend more time on your mobile phone or other devices. This can result in a lot of time being wasted.

Dark mode is not that big of a battery saver. Surprise, surprise! Yeah, we know we are contradicting ourselves here, but hear this out. Dark mode does save your battery But, only if you have an OLED display. So, if you are using it only as a battery saver, don’t bother.

Dark mode is not good for reading assignments. You like dark mode? Use YouTube dark mode, go for dark mode on chrome and Instagram dark mode is the coolest no doubt. However, if you are going for some serious reading assignment, then reconsider your choice. Using dark mode while reading something might be not a good idea.
Leisure reading and study assignments should be treated differently as the dark mode will affect your comprehension negatively.

why dark mode

Do it for the Vibes

Having said all that, it’s up to you how you want your screen to look like.
If you like the feel of dark mode, just go for it. More and more web designers are working to keep up with this trend and mostly apps are now offering their users a dark theme. You can always adjust the auto settings, for a light theme in daytime and night mode at night.
In this way, it cannot affect your usage much and you can enjoy your favourite theme too.

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