What Does Your Web Development Service Provider Know About Gutenberg Update?

WordPress got changed for forever. With the new update to version 5.0, the whole structure of composing blogs and pages have changed if you have a bespoke e-commerce website.

WordPress team has named the new post editor as “Gutenberg” (did you know, they called it after the guy who invented the printing press, and the media changed forever). Your web development services provider must be aware of the Gutenberg update and how it can impact your WordPress website.

If your nonprofit or business has a WordPress site, then you should know what you are getting and how to prepare yourself before clicking the “update” button to WordPress 5.0.

What is Gutenberg Update?

Gutenberg update had change WordPress and taken the editor to a new level. It is named after the famous Johannes Gutenberg, who invented the printing press with light type for more than 500 years ago. The present visual editor requires a lot of us to make use of HTML and shortcodes to make things work. They aim to make this simple, particularly for those beginning with WordPress. They have embraced “little blocks” and expect to enhance more forward-thinking layout options. You can check out the following image:

Gutenberg Update

To be honest with the developers and the team working on it, it’s essential to note that the update is in its testing and beta phase, and isn’t ready to run yet on production websites. But we are curious to know what it is, so we dived in to see what the hype is all about. We were the leading web development services providers will make sure to keep you update on Gutenberg and make improvements to this post. It appears that before this update is officially integrated into WordPress, Matt Mullenweg (the founder) is hoping to get 100,000 active installs. This makes perfect sense, as this will find out a lot of issues, bugs and allow them to develop new ideas.

Gutenberg Update

Since Gutenberg is still in its testing phase, the team is working on it and is encouraging people to give it a try and leave their feedback in the WordPress support forum or open a problem on GitHub.

What Are The Benefits Of Gutenberg?

Those who have used a “Page Builder” system will feel quite acquainted with Gutenberg, such as Divi Builder or the WPBakery Visual Composer, which lets them change the look and explore their website without touching the line of code.

Gutenberg Update

Gutenberg familiarises the idea of “blocks” and moving the content in the page with a simple yet intuitive arrow system. Honestly, we think this will be useful for Conversion Rate Optimisation as we can now copy a page and alter the order and A/B test it for outcomes.

Gutenberg will come will all the default blocks which you had expected, together with but not restricted to; Heading, Paragraph, Subheading, Image, Quote, Gallery, List, Video, Button, Embeds and Columns. Our web development service will also be able to add in custom blocks which will match your requirements, for instance, a neighbourhood that pulls a random product from your list, or a block that uses an API such as reviewcenter.co.uk to show customer feedback.

Intelicle’s web developers reported that some of our favourite plugin authors have already progressed their plugins in line with the projected issue date of the Gutenberg updates, such as SEO Yoast and Advanced Custom Fields.

Our web development services team is quite excited to see what the guys at Advanced Custom Fields will add in future to Gutenberg.

When Can I Use It?

Gutenberg Update

WordPress 5.0 version is said to be released on 6th December; the date is still subjected to change.

You can track the announcement programme here.

What Happens If I Don’t Use It?

Never fear changes, luckily WordPress is all about maintaining backwards compatibility for all the sites. If they have to introduce a new method to keep your content to 30% of the web, with no non-compulsory relegate, there would be chaos!

In support of this, they have converted the present editing experience into a plugin which is called the classic editor so if you want you can make use of it.

Our web development services are here to help you if you want to install this plugin. Also, you can connect with us if you have any query related to Gutenberg.

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