The Best Digital Marketing Campaign for Kickstarter

The concept of digital marketing is much more dynamic. It requires you to stay relevant. Therefore, in order to design an effective digital marketing campaign for Kickstarter you will have to understand the inner workings of Kickstarter and its prelaunch stages.

What is Kickstarter?

I know that most of you are itching to ask this question. Well, it is a funding platform that is full of imaginative, innovative and ambitious ideas. It has become quite popular. It creates business opportunities for people who are interested in bringing their ideas to life.

Kickstarter is entirely dependent on crowdfunding. Therefore, it is the general public that pushes these products into the production phase.

Digital Marketing Campaign for Kickstarter

How to Kickstart the Digital Marketing Campaign for Kickstarter?

Even though kickstarter is a wonderful platform to gain exposure but not every project gets approved.  Therefore, I recommend you to read the Kickstarter’s guidelines before you submit your project.

Almost 25 percent projects face rejection primarily because of non-compliance with the set guidelines.

Follow the Rules at All Costs

 What is Kickstarter

Recently, the infamous Kobe Red projects almost managed to pull off a scam of more than $100,000. Kickstarter suspended their funding after identifying the fraudulent initiators.

Now, as per the new rule the creators are now required to outline their manufacturing, development and research process.

Well, the bottom line is, you should carefully read Kickstarter’s guidelines because they do not bend their rules for anyone.

There is no margin for error.

You cannot neglect them mid-campaign either because Kickstarter continues to run periodic checks on your project throughout the campaign.

Lack of awareness regarding crowdfunding campaigns often causes people to make such mistakes. You cannot expect the funds to just come rolling in right after you launch your campaign. You will have to shun this mind-set.

The following prelaunch stages will give you a fair bit of an idea regarding how you should assess your project before launching it.

Prelaunch Steps

What is a kickstarter

Crowdfunding Research

Your idea might not be new to Kickstarter. However, it does not mean that you should shelve your plan. In fact, you should look at it as an opportunity because you will have a chance to assess their data.

You will have a chance of re-evaluating your strategy by studying the data on the failure or success of those campaigns.

Crowdfunding Outreach

You can start by contacting your associates, colleagues, friends and family. Initial donations from their end will help you roll the funding ball.

You should have a website by this stage. Your website does not have to be complicated or fancy. However, it should have Blog, Contact Us and About Us pages.

Lessons Learned From Failure

Here is what I learned from my failed digital marketing campaign for Kickstarter.

Hire the Services of a Professional Writer

You may need to generate a staggering amount of content for your campaign. At minimum, you will have to write:

  • Outreach emails
  • Emails to backers
  • Ad copy
  • Video copy
  • Updates on your website or campaign
  • Landing page content

Like any other aspect of marketing, calls-to-action and headlines matter.

Project Image Optimisation is Vital

Your project should look polished at launch time. Do not skim your project description or settle for substandard graphics.

You will have to show your professional side to the backers. Presentation of “whole package” is the only thing that can grab their attention.

Goal Justification

As per Kickstarter statistics, the projects that ask for a maximum of 10,000 dollars are most likely to succeed.

We asked for 30,000 dollars, most backers thought that we couldn’t justify our demand. They weighed our goal with our demand and decided not to back up our project.

Time Management

Launching an online product is not easy. It usually takes up a lot of our time.

Most of the campaigns on Kickstarter end up running for 30 days. However, it does not include your prep time or the time that you will spend fulfilling the rewards that your project is offering.

You will have to spend more time to grow the number of your backers even after you achieve your goal.

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Digital Marketing for Kickstarter

Dogital marketing kickstarter

Designing an effective digital marketing campaign for kickstarter requires you to identify your digital assets and goals. It will also require you to have a great amount of patience.

Following the below mentioned steps will help you in this regard or you can contact a digital marketing agency Nottingham for help.

Make a Video

digital marketing kickstarter

People just love videos. It is a great channel for business start-ups and It will allow you to showcase your service or product, visually.

It will serve as a focal or central point of your digital campaign. An interesting video will bring in more backers.

Use Social Media

social media marketing

Choose top networks to create your profile. Most popular networks include Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. You will have to create it before the launch of your campaign.

You will have to identify your target audience and their favourite social channel. For e.g. a tech company is likely to use LinkedIn while a fashion brand will prefer Instagram or Facebook to share their posts.

Make sure you post regularly. Also make sure that your posts are relevant to your brand.

Let the people know that you are running a Facebook or a Twitter account so that they may follow you there.

Offer Rewards

Digital Marketing Campaign

Keep in mind that Kickstarter is not a store or a charity. Backers are not doing you any favours. They have their own interests.

They want to become a part of something big. Therefore, they will expect something in return from you in the near future.

Your reward description should be to the point and short. You must not overdo it. A campaign of 8 to 10 rewards will be enough.

You must be wondering, what kind of rewards you should offer?

Well, there is a simple answer to this question. If you are writing a book then you can offer it as a reward to your backers. Simple!

An Easy to Read Kickstarter page

An Easy to Read Kickstarter page

Use pictures to break down your web content. Use exciting headline to break up the sections. You must not bore the visitors with your content.

Addition of too much content will scare them away. My simple tip would be to stick to the point.

Engage and Interact with your Audience

Reply to comments or questions on your social media accounts and blog. Make sure that you do it ASAP. Your replies should be professional particularly when someone shares a concern.

Develop & Grow your Fan Base

digital marketing kickstarter

Post regular updates about your success and progress. Blogging is the best way of doing it. However, make sure that you do not do it overtly.

Create Your Own Brand Ambassadors

digital marketing kickstarter

The first step was to establish a community. Now, your target should be to create your own brand ambassadors.

Engaging and listening to your backers is the best way to create your own brand ambassadors. They can increase your campaign’s reach via word of mouth.

Implementation of right SEO techniques will definitely help you with your digital marketing campaign. Therefore, I suggest that you contact SEO experts at Intelicle. Our experts can make your web page easy to sort, easy to crawl and easy to find.

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