How Domain Name Affects Your E-Commerce Store SEO?

One never thinks about the importance of domain or how it impacts on the E-commerce store SEO. There is a lot of debate and misinformation provided regarding the domains and its link with SEO. Most individuals are confused about it.

First a little beginner knowledge about the domain. A domain is your website URL; it’s what people recognise you from – the “mysite.com” piece.

The domains serve as a friendly address for the website on the internet. Each domain is mapped with an IP address, a range of four numbers that help as the server-level address for the site. IP addresses are similar to GPS coordinates and domains are like the street address that people use to remember the location.

When we talk about e-commerce store SEO and domains, the following main areas can harm or benefit the organic search performance.

Is Domain Name Essential For SEO?

Yes, the domain name does matter for SEO. If you are only looking at the domain name alone, you want people to search for you, and it’s undeniable that you want people to know your brand, or what your business is about.  When your domain stands out of the crowd chances are in the sea of search result listing and becomes more expected to be clicked.

If you look at the spam websites with domain names like buycheaprolex.biz or getrichinstantly.info, these websites have the main keywords in them, and because of that, they have increase CTR and high rankings on the search engines.

So, practically yes, domain names can have a significant impact on SEO. Owning the right domain name can help you focus your target audience and increase your search engine ranking. But its more than the game of keywords.

Ways Domain Can Affect Your SEO And Search Rankings

There are two methods your domain can have an impact on your SEO and search rankings:

  • Keywords
  • Branding

Branding Domains

Your domain name should focus on your brand. Your brand domain is how users will find you, remember and share identify your business. Usually, you should select a domain name at the same time you choose your business name. In other simple words, if you have a business name, you should make use of it as your domain name.

The central element of an SEO friendly domain name is branding. For instance, would Apple register a domain name like bestapplephone.com? No, a definite No, Apple is a well-established brand, and it doesn’t need to get into keyword stuffing in its domain name.

Google love brands because users like brands. A strong brand presence online means users are more likely to click, view, share, read and link to a site. The more people will remember your brand the more they will revisit you.

Using brand name as a domain name makes sense only if:

  • Your brand name is recognised and established.
  • The brand is your name
  • Your brand is unique
  • You have started brand awareness and brand promotion.

Keyword Domains

On the other hand, you can select a domain that contains the main keywords for your business, services or products. For example, you are a writer specialising in freelancing. You will get better ranking results with a domain name like freelancewriter.com.

But bear in mind that Google doesn’t give much value to keywords domains as compared to brand domains. We will not go in depth about the keyword domains in this article but will cover it in our next topic related to Keywords Domain – lose them or use them.

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