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For a nonprofit organisation, if you have collected all the data of your past and current donors at one central location, all the strategic operations become way easier. For this purpose, donor management software can come in handy. Such a system allows you to keep track of all the donors and even leverage the information to strategically approach any potential donors. Selecting a donor management software for your non-profit organisation can need a little insight provided in the article below.

What is Donor Management Software?

Donor management software is also known as Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) as it allows NGOs to track their supporters, collect the data and keep it updated. Also creating a strategic fundraising event can be assisted from the information collected through your donor management system. Donor management software organises data about the organisation’s donors, identifies trends such as how often someone has donated, and makes recommendations for increasing likelihood of receiving more future donations from these people.

Benefits of Donor Management System

A web based donor management software can help you manage your efforts and communications in one organised location, ultimately leading to better donor care as well as increased donations for the organisation. Here are some of the top reasons why you should get a nonprofit donor management system.

Increased Reach

With an effective donations management system, you can increase your reach by targeting potential donors and collaborating with related organisations. Your NGO revolves around the support from the donors and the more donors you have, the more you can help those in need. For this purpose, your fundraising management software will be your partner.

Better Communication

Communicating with your current and potential supporters on a regular basis is easier with a proper system. When you have collected the data, you know how each of the donors likes to be communicated and thus you can develop a customised interaction with them. You can create effective content that will be highly targeted along with personalised messages to make the donor experience better.

Strong Donor Relation

Having all the required information, you can build a stronger relationship with your donor through the fundraising management software. It is easier for you to understand their goals and motivations and thus you can mould your strategies accordingly. You can use their interests to increases the probability of future donations.

Targeted Fundraising Outcomes

If you are reaching out to your donor at the right time, it enables you to secure consistent support from them. Your donor fund management allows you to develop your strategy while keeping the available information in mind and produce a highly targeted fundraising campaign.

Lower Workload, Higher Efficiency

A donor management software helps you to reduce your workload as it has automated most of the work that goes into keeping the records. Reducing human effort also decreases the chance of errors in the data entry and thus makes it easier for nonprofit organisations to manage their system easily.

Easy Reporting

A donor management software allows you to report the donations easily including all the essential information. There are easy tracking and reporting tools to deal with scheduling meetings, managing dashboards and donor analytics.

Get Started with Your Donor Management

You need to have a donor management strategy in order to make the system beneficial for your charity organisation. The system is only as good as your collected data so you need to manage it properly in order to make the most out of it. Your online donor management system must be secure and come with backup and connectivity with your charity system.

Choose Database Features

All the data needs to be somewhere and that’s where a suitable database is required. Invest in a CRM that comes with efficient database features. Make sure that it stores and analyses your data to improve your relationship with the donor. Get the features that increase your ROI with software that integrates with your existing system.

Donor Data Collection

All the demographics and data of the donors need to be kept secure. Name, age, gender, education, income and other points must be updated in your contact list. Keep track of the motivation behind the support from your donors in order to improve your communication and capitalise on the donation. Collect their donation methods and types of gifts to improve your fundraising through your UK donor management software.

Ways to Collect Data

You can use website analytics or donor surveys to gather accurate information and use it to elevate your charity donation system. It can help you track traffic on the donation page and hit the target audience. All the visitors on the website can help you understand your reach and take definitive measures to improve the results.

Should Small Nonprofits Get Donor Management Software?

Even if you have a small business, an effective donor fund management system can be really helpful in order to make the whole process stress-free. Most of the work will be handled by the software and this way you can reduce your effort while generating higher efficiency. You can get a donations management system on a small scale that has a limited cloud and is enough to hold your data. However, make sure that the system has scalability so you can expand it as your organisation grows in the future.

What to Look for in the Best Donor Management Software?

There are many factors that you must consider before you select one system that perfectly fits your needs. In order to choose the right solution, you need to keep a few features in mind mentioned blow:

Extra Features

After identifying your issues and things you need help with, you can check the features that your organisation needs. Look for such essential features by your provider so you can ensure higher efficiency.

Pricing Plan

The cost of the online donor management system really matters and you need to create your budget and see if it fits that. There might be some hidden costs in confusing packages so make sure that you deal with this matter carefully. Be sure about the pricing plan before you subscribe to a suitable plan.


Make sure that your donor management system will integrate with your charity software so that you can manage all of it effectively. Check if the payment platforms and email applications can also be integrated well. It will allow you to get the most out of the management software for nonprofits.

The Capacity of Donor Management Plan

You need to understand what capacity is provided by the donor management to ensure that it will meet your business requirements. Depending on the scale of your organisation, select an offering that provides enough cloud services for you to use.

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