E-commerce Website Development – Checklist to grow your business

E-commerce website development is not an easy task and web design experts have to pay attention to details for maximum optimization of the website. Designing a website for any enterprise is a complicated process but e-commerce website development has its own challenges. Since your customers will be an online user who will keep coming back to your website to know about different products. A web developer can make this task easy for your customers but apart from usability, there are other aspects which developers can consider during the website development.

Mobile friendly Web Design

web developmentPeople around the world are increasingly using their mobiles for online shopping. E-commerce websites are generating more traffic with their mobile responsive website. Keeping this in mind, a web design expert should increase the optimization for mobiles. It will give them access to your products in no time, thus playing an important role in the success of your e-commerce site. Be sure about making the online shopping experience of your customers seamless. From simple navigation to payment options and checkout, design every aspect of your website mobile friendly.

Make a difference with “Content” 

E-commerce Website DevelopmentThe first thing which will have an impact on any online visitor is the homepage of any website. Sometimes, the homepage doesn’t include the information, which many people expect to trust the owners. It’s important for you to give instructions to website design expert that what you want to add in that page and how it should appear. Display all the legal information on your e-commerce websites like a logo, copyright statement, products and services, contact information and team members’ details. For your e-commerce website development, don’t forget to add up the background detail of your business because clients feel hesitant to trust a company who has failed to provide its background information. This thing is often neglected during website development when the retailer is new to the e-commerce business. With the right step taken, you can grow your business and compete with your rival or can even excel them.

Don’t ignore guest checkout in E-commerce Website Development

e commerce webBusiness with e-commerce websites will ask you to create a login to purchase anything from their website as they use this information to follow up with you. It also helps in increasing sales for their company as customers usually prefer to purchase from the website where they have a registered an account. But not everyone is willing to make an account to buy your product. It is often your regular clients who create an account on your website to stay updated with your company’s upcoming sales and vouchers. It is important to remember during e-commerce website development, to provide supportive guest checkout for one time customers.

Site Search

web developmentSite Search – an important tool to add during website development. A number of people use site search bar to look for the product of their choice. Make sure you don’t forget about this vital component during your e-commerce website development. Also, you can add a faceted search option which gives immense relief to the client, for they can search in different ways, for instance, by price range, colour and size of the product. This functionality will allow the users to narrow down their search and make the best use of their time.

Keep optimization a priority in Web development

If your website takes time more than needed, you are at the risk of losing your customers. People are often doing multi-tasking when they use the internet for their day to day needs, and slow browsing on your website can force them to abandon you. A web design expert is usually well aware of these issues which can pop up in later stages of your business so stay clear on the maximum optimization of your website so it can load easily.

For the smooth running of your website, take care of these points while e-commerce web development.

  • Combine the Javascript resource files into a single file. This will boost their interaction with the website as users will have to download a single Javascript instead of three or more.
  • Keep the images in smallest size which will also reduce the download time for the users.
  • Cache, cache and cache. You can’t just miss caching to minimize the times spent in sending data between the web and database server.

Keeping these aspects in check will set the credibility of your e-commerce website but still, there are many other things too, which you should consider during website development.

Webdesign in Nottingham

When it comes to Web Design in Nottingham, there’s a lot of options: Web Developer Companies, e-commerce solutions and Freelancers. Some of them do make the mistakes listed in this article, and many learn from them. Intelicle is one Web Development company that makes sure to not include anything into a website design unless it is what the website owner wants and is convinced of its benefits to users. Intelicle listens to issues and is continually striving to create better websites.

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