Essential SEO Metrics To Monitor In 2020

Tracking SEO is a must in the development process of a website. If you plan to invest time and money in the development and implementation of SEO strategies, you need to know if such investments are worth it. I will highlight important SEO Metrics for you that will surely assist you.

But before you can track the results, you need to answer the question: what metrics in SEO do you need to track?

One of the biggest advantages of online promotion is the ability to track almost all stages of SEO and its performance.

That is why in this blog, I will share the seven most important indicators that you need to pay attention to when promoting online.

Seven Top Metrics to Keep Track Of

Site owners have constant access to a huge amount of information that allows you to evaluate site performance.

Almost all the SEO Metrics Tools allow you to collect valuable information, even if you need to know the speed of loading a specific page or the tactics of promoting a specific request – you know where to look.

However, in order to study and verify the overall performance of the site on a regular basis, such information will not work.

If you need to identify key indicators that you need to pay attention to and track the main stages by which you can measure progress, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following seven SEO Metrics.

Organic Traffic

One of the most important metrics to judge the effectiveness of SEO is organic traffic.

One of the main goals of a SEO Agency is to optimize websites for search engines and increase its visibility by keywords in order to get more visitors from this search engine.

You can see this information in Google Analytics by going to Acquisition> Overview and selecting “Organic Search”.

SEO Metrics

By default, the graph shows the organic traffic of the site for the previous month. You can see the number of visitors and the distribution of traffic depending on the day of the week.

Building a strategy, monthly or annual report on organic traffic is a great way to see the impact of SEO Monitor on your site.

2. CTR

SEO Rank Monitor

You can monitor the percentage of online users who visited your site after viewing any of your pages in a search. This is done by an effective tool- CTR.

This metric is one of the best ways to track the effectiveness and attractiveness of your pages in search results for users. Accordingly, this indicator allows you to evaluate the quality of the elements that are in the snippet.

 If your CTR is very low, this may indicate that you need to process the title and description tags. I suggest that you to work with a professional company such as Marketing Agency Nottingham.

Check your site’s position now!

3. Failure Rate

When visitors visit a page on your site and don’t go to other pages, this is called a bounce. The percentage of visitors who have completed this action is called the bounce rate.

The bounce rate is an excellent indicator of the quality of the content on your site. It allows you to determine how much the content of the page satisfies the user’s request.

Rank Tracking

It means you need creative and engaging content for your site and you can easily achieve this goal by using SEO Expert services.

If your bounce rate is too high, users do not find the information or data on the page useful.

4. Keyword Ranking

How can I increase the ranking of my new site? Thinking! Still Thinking! Let me introduce you with SEO Rank Monitor, it will offer you the following features:

  • Improve the quality of your landing page
  • Increase the attractiveness of materials
  • Conduct marketing research
  • Make technical improvements

It will assist you in order to make you higher in terms of keywords and, as a result, get more traffic and potential customers.

Trust me, this metric is the MOST important when tracking SEO Metrics.

SEO Metrics Tools

You can check the positions of keywords manually by entering the search query you are interested in. I recommend using Digital Marketing Agency services that provide you a detailed report on ranking keywords.

5. Site Speed

SEO Tracking plays one of the main roles in the site’s ability to rank well in search engines and convert visitors to customers, and one of the most important indicators in this case is the site’s speed.

Site Speed

When optimizing a site, you need to constantly monitor how these or other changes affect the site’s performance and speed. You can use Google Page Speed ​​Insights to get the main information for each page and the site as a whole.

6. Domain Authority

One of the mandatory goals in any SEO strategy is to improve the credibility of the domain in the eyes of the search engine. Accordingly, this is one of the main SEO Metrics to which you should pay attention to.

To verify the credibility of the domain, you can use any Key Metrics that allows you to collect such information – MOZ, Majestic, Ahrefs, etc.

You can also use the free Website Authority Checker tool, which evaluates the credibility of a domain.

7. Conversion

The fact that the conversion is in the last place on our list does not mean that it is the least significant. Among all Search Metrics, this particular metric shows you:

  1. The success and effectiveness of the implementation of your SEO strategy as a whole
  2. The impact of all the actions taken on the main goal is to increase the number of sales and customers.
  3. In practice, this indicator is the main one in determining the overall effectiveness of the implemented strategy.
Search Metrics

The best way to track your conversion is setting goals in Google Analytics and regularly monitoring your goals. You can create goals for online sales, sign ups, number of subscribers, etc with the help of effective SEO Metrics strategy.  


Organic traffic level, CTR and conversion, bounce rate, keyword ranking, site speed and domain authority are all that is required to check the effectiveness of an SEO campaign.

These are the main metrics that really matter and allow you to determine how well your strategy is implemented or where the strategy needs to be improved.

You can face several challenges in 2020 regarding SEO metrics. SEO Agency Nottingham will use above metrics to prepare your SEO reports. At Intelicle, our experts can improve your current SEO strategy that will eventually improve your return on investment.

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