Fashion Digital Marketing: How to be competitive in the fashion industry

Let’s face it, the fashion industry is tough and crowded. Distinguishing your brand from the rest is difficult and the best way to make your mark is through a well-planned, innovative digital marketing strategy.

The ability to put fashion brands online has revolutionised the industry. A decade ago, getting featured on a magazine page was considered the ultimate goal for a fashion business, but with today’s technology, marketing your brand to a larger audience is just a few screen taps away.

This accessibility, however, has led to bigger challenges. The market is more competitive than ever. Your branding requires to be unique, the strategy more aggressive, and you need a complete understanding of digital marketing strategies for the fashion industry.

This is where fashion digital marketing takes centre stage. It helps fashion companies improve their brand awareness and sales. Additionally, a fashion digital marketing campaign is easily trackable with immediate feedback so you can determine if the campaign is working.

As a digital marketing agency that has worked with a variety of businesses, we have experienced the tremendous impacts that digital marketing has on a brand’s success. In this post, we share digital marketing ideas that your business can use to get the most results for their investment.

So let’s get down to it, here are a few fashion digital marketing ideas to be more competitive in the fashion industry.

Use Facebook ads to retarget your visitors

Most of the people who see your ad or visit your website do not buy immediately on their first visit. Retargeting through reminder ads lets you reach the same people that were thinking about buying your product or service.

Facebook lets you easily reach the audience who already know you using just a snippet of code by creating custom audiences. Moreover, you can also create ‘Lookalike Audiences’ to further expand your reach.

Retargeting ads are an excellent way to generate sales. If the customer doesn’t buy your product on the first visit, you can offer a discount in the ad to get them to react. Similarly, you can retarget customers who abandoned their shopping carts to persuade them to finish their shopping.

Facebook retargeting campaigns are also a great way to boost your return on investment. Read this case study to find out how Mazuum, an Italian sunglasses brand, boosted their return on investment to 653% using an efficient Facebook retargeting campaign.

Run promotional campaigns

Run promotional campaigns during holidays when buyers are easier to access

A good way to get the best response from your customers is to incentivise them at different times of the year.

During the Christmas holidays, you can target your email subscribers with compelling discounts. You could run a promotion for 12 days with discounted offers on different products each day, for example, on day one you could discount shoes, day two winter wear and so on. Make sure that your offer is so tempting that your subscribers share it with their friends and family.

Similarly, before Easter, you could run an Easter Egg Hunt on your website, by creating an Easter Egg with a discount code for shoes or some other category that might be appropriate for the season.This should encourage more people to make purchases.

Come up with ideas like this for every seasonal event and holiday. Your customers are more accessible during holiday periods as people are at home longer, have time to browse and often look for gift items for festivities. Take advantage of your digital marketing opportunity at these times and remember to share any special offer through your social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

if you want help with your digital marketing strategy, our long experience in the field can enable your website to realise its potential.

Create attractive style guides

For fashion brands that sell a variety of clothing items, it is a great idea to put together an attractive style guide on your website that visitors can look at to get ideas on how to best wear your clothing, or incorporate pieces into their existing wardrobe.

Just like seasonal promotions, style guides can also be seasonally adjusted for special occasions,such as weddings, parties, Christmas travel, weekends away,seasonal guides, Christmas guide, travel, work etc. Don’t limit your business to just one fashion style guide and make sure to update their guides regularly as trends change.

You can create a special section for the style guides on your website or incorporate them into your blog. When you put them in your blog, you will be able to provide in-depth information on each item available in the collection. Additionally, you can tell a story to accompany the style guides to drive more engagement from the customer for longer.

Keep a consistent brand image

Maintaining a consistent brand image is crucial for fashion brands looking to stay competitive in the industry. For example, take a look at Ralph Lauren and how the company promotes its products online. You will always come across a Ralph Lauren collection when searching for polo and classic fashion online.

A consistent brand image creates a positive impression in the customer’s mind, thus, increasing the chances of your success.

Make use of stunning visuals

Marketing your catalogue with stunning images and videos can significantly boost your sales. A study by Oberlo suggests that 54% of consumers look for video content from their favourite fashion e-commerce brands.

You can use videos in your digital marketing strategy to get better engagement for your seasonal collections and the latest fashion trends. Why not make use of our digital marketing services for this purpose? Over the years, we have helped many websites gain visibility, thereby increasing our client’s profits.

Run giveaways on Instagram

Running giveaways strictly on Instagram is a great way to increase brand awareness and the size of your audience.

For a very popular item in your store, you can run a giveaway urging your Instagram followers to comment on why they want to win the item or tag four of their friends or family members whom they would like to gift the item. These giveaways can be implemented regularly as a special theme to your brand, for example, at the beginning or end of each month.

Make good use of trendy hashtags for the giveaway. Also, create a special hashtag for the giveaway programme that you will be using each month.

You can get help in setting up these giveaways by trying our social media marketing services.

Invest in great content

You might have heard the phrase ‘Content is King’ and this is so true when it comes to your fashion digital marketing campaign. Content marketing is important for brands to reach a wider audience since no one can go a day without a mobile device to communicate or accomplish tasks.

According to a study, 72% of marketers have said that content marketing increased customer engagement for their brand, while also opening doors to new leads and potential customers.

A lot of fashion e-commerce brands find it hard to produce high quality and engaging content. It is crucial to work with content experts like graphic designers while working on a digital marketing strategy so that your branding, mission and vision will be effectively communicated to the customer.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous brands online selling the same items as yours. The thing that will help you the most in differentiating from others is your unique brand identity. Once you understand your brand identity, it will be easier to compete in the industry.

 Remember to play on your strengths and highlight the things your items offer that no other brand can.

Aside from that, you can use all these ideas to further boost your digital marketing strategy.

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