Our Foodbank Management System

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Intelicle provides effective foodbank solution to digitalise your food bank and make it paperless, hence reducing human error. The foodbank system automates a lot of your day-to-day activities which means that your effort is spent on helping people rather than chasing paperwork.


Referrals and scheduling

A lot of food banks work with referrals. These referrals are often emailed to the food bank which then has to be verified and catalogued.

Food bank management system provides a portal to your referrers which means that they can input all key data online and submit to the food bank in real-time. Food bank can then process the referral by scheduling when the food will be sent to the person in need. Our scheduling module shows a calendar view of when people will be getting their food parcels.

Our drivers’ module allows drivers to see their delivery schedule and update the system in real-time so that the food bank knows who has taken the food delivery and who hasn’t so that appropriate actions can be taken.

Foodbank management system scheduling

Inventory management and reporting

Food bank management system keeps track of your inventory so you will never be caught short.

Food bank management software captures all key data during the referral process. Data such as age, ethnicity, location, dietary needs etc. can be used to apply for funding by showing how many people are being helped, which age groups are being catered for and which areas you are serving. By using our reporting module, you can generate the reports in seconds rather than spending weeks on compiling the data.

UK Food Aid Case Study

UK food aid is a Nottingham based charity who help the local community by providing food bank service. As the demand for food grows, the management for a food bank gets harder. UK food aid hired Intelicle to create a system to manage food bank operations easily by using automation where possible. The result is a software that simplifies the overall process and makes best use of time of staff, volunteers and drivers – who often aren’t very computer literate.

Foodbank management system


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Real-time referrals

referrals are made in real time, saving time and allowing key data to be captured.

foodbank management Scheduling

No more wasting time on creating and maintaining schedule. Print your daily schedule with one click.

rDonations management icon

Easily manage food and cash donations.

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Easy to Use

Our systems are designed in collaboration with charities, so they are created with ease of use in mind.

foodbank system Secure icon

Charities often deal with sensitive data, which means that we have designed the system with emphasis on security.

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Access Control

Charity organisations are run by volunteers as well as employees. We give you total control over who can see the sensitive data.


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