Freelance vs Agency – Perspective Of A Web Design Expert

One of the key advantages of working as a web designer is that it requires less in regards to equipment or permanent location – all you need is a stable internet connection, a laptop, and someplace to rest it and you have got all of the tools that you need. This may leave many potential designers wondering whether working as a freelancer is right for them or joining a web design agency will help them learn new skills and make a career out of designing. Here is a guide for you to select the right path.

Web Design Freelancer  Freelance vs agency


With a large number of people working as freelance web designers, working solo means there will be a lot of effort needed for finding and winning new clients. Mainly while trying to make yourself prominent in the field, it can be hard to see clients as they prefer experience web designers, or a web design agency.


The most beneficial factor of being a freelancer is the freedom to move – web designing can be done from anywhere in the world, whether it’s an in-house job or you can sit in front of the TV or a beach and work on it. On the other hand, being a freelancer has its disadvantages as well. Although there is a lot of info about web designing online, there is nothing like “finally” working around your problem with a team of designers and head manager who can help you in different ways to approach a design.


In freelancing there is no 9 to 5 job, which means you have the freedom to plan your work hours and schedule. This could say the privilege of working on whatever hours you like, meeting your friends or taking as many holidays you want. But, this works both ways, working as a freelancer also means you can’t say no to a job once considered no matter how short the deadline is or making a lot of less paid tasks to meet your income targets. This means sometimes you will be working more than 9 to 5 routine or working at late nights. At a web design Birmingham, based agency things are different, web design work is in flow, well managed, and you get reasonable and clear deadlines meaning less stress and less over time.

Web Design Agency Developer

Freelance vs agency


One of the main advantages you get of working in an agency is the different range of projects you get to play with. At Intelicle, we work with a lot of different clients – from different industry areas, making each day a different work routine with a different project. As a freelancer, you can get stuck with creating designs from one industry as several new clients come through recommendations.

The Role

Working as a designer in the agency gives you the time to do what you want to do – design websites. This saves your time for searching new clients, going to meetings, attending calls and answering emails. It gives you more time to focus on designing, keeping updated with the latest trends.

The Team

Working in a web design agency alongside web developers, project manager, content writers and photographers means each day offers the possibility of teamwork and a deep understanding of web design industry. Monthly and weekly meetings allow the whole team to give new ideas and consider different elements of view. There is always a team of learning new skills other than web designing.

While both are good option to start a career as a web designer, I highly recommend seeking agency experience first and foremost. Working as a freelancer have some significant benefits, but nothing hastens your learning as quickly as working together with some experienced web designers and a creative team.

Hire an Expert 

Invest in hiring a web design expert has never been as important as now. Even though the idea is still obscure, there are many agencies that offer the right type of web design services for all types of brands or business. Also Web Design Nottingham can be completely revolutionised with the services that Intelicle offers.

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