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Furniture Villa was looking for a website that would reflect their contemporary furniture designs. Although the company’s range of furniture was outstanding, their out-dated website did nothing to convey this.

The usefulness of their previous website had started to deteriorate, and the business owner was looking for a vibrant website that had an impeccable user experience, was mobile friendly and SEO optimised which could work seamlessly on tablets, smartphones and computers.

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Our primary aim was to create an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website that could boost up the organic traffic and sales. Equally important was an easy to use backend system that allowed the business to easily manage their inventory, customers and orders.


We had based our solution rigorous market research where we had analysed the competition far and wide. The result was a modern, simplistic and responsive design of Furniture Villa website that worked seamlessly across a wide range of screen sizes and devices. It helped Furniture Villa to build a positive digital presence in the market. We were able to maximise readability, accessibility user-friendliness and responsiveness.


To sum it up, we had created the perfect look for the website, transforming an unresponsive, out-dated web presence into a responsive and user-friendly website. Furniture Villa now has a strong brand image that reflects the elegance of their furniture and their intrinsic values.

Furniture Villa owners were really pleased with the final solution and recommended our web design service to their friends.

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