Google Mobile-First Index: What It Is & How You Can Prepare

Recently we have heard a lot of news regarding the Google mobile-first index. This recent change is one of Google’s ongoing efforts for making the web, mobile friendly and to observe the user behavior trends. Since this update is going to be applied soon there is a lot of misperception regarding what this means for a regular business person.

Does this means you need to transform anything or everything? If you have a mobile friendly website, will that be adequate?

Does This Means Another Mobilegeddon?

Today, we will be discussing the fundamentals of what is “Google mobile-first index”, and what you are required to do.

What Is Google Mobile-First Indexing?

Mobile-first indexing is the same as you hear it. It merely means the mobile version of your site also becomes an opening point for Google to include their directory and the standard for how they control rankings. If you observe the crawl bot organic traffic to your website, you may see a massive increase in the traffic from the Smartphone Googlebot, and the stored versions of will are the mobile form of that page.

It’s termed “mobile-first” since it’s not only free index: for example if your website does not have a mobile-friendly version, desktop website will be still involved in the index. But the absence of mobile-friendly familiarity can have a significant impact on rankings of your website, and a website with a mobile-friendly experience can probably receive an increase in traffic as well as searchers from the desktop.

What Should I Do About Mobile-First Indexing?

Firstly, you need to stop panicking. This modification is in its earliest phases of testing, and it will be rolled out slowly only to the sites which Google thinks to be “ready” enough for this change have a little effect.

According to recent updates by Google on this matter, if your site is mobile-responsive or else its desktop version and mobile versions are equal, you don’t have anything to worry about.

With that said, if you have a completely responsive website, you will want to make sure that the load and mobile page speediness time are prioritised, and the pictures and other elements are adequately optimised for mobile experience. Understand that with mobile first indexing, text that was concealed in tabs etc. because of the space margins will not be treated contrarily than the detectable content as this kind of display real estate administration is the best mobile drill.

If you have a different mobile version, you will want to have a check on the following:

  • Text – Be sure the content on your mobile version website is high-quality content and it is valuable. This might comprise images, content and videos. Make sure the arrangements used in the mobile version are indexable and crawlable.
  • Meta Data – Make sure the meta descriptions and titles are equivalent to both the versions of all pages.
  • Hreflang – If you use rel=hreglang for the internalisation, your mobile URL hreflang explanations should fact to the mobile version of your language or country alternatives, and desktop URLs should look to the desktop versions.
  • Social Metadata – Twitter cards, open graph tags and additional social metadata will be involved on the mobile versions also the desktop version.
  • Media Sitemaps And XML – Make sure that any links to the sitemaps are reachable from mobile version website. This also relates to the robots directives and probably even trust signs, like links to your privacy policy.
  • Search Console Verification – Your website is only confirmed in the Google search console, be sure to all add and check the mobile version.
  • App Indexation – If app indexation is set for your site (desktop version), you may also want to be sure that you have a specific mobile version of the website in accordance to app association files.

Has this summary helped you in being more prepared for the mobile-first indexing? Are there any questions you still have? I would love to hear your comments about it.

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