How Mobile Custom Web Design Affects Local Search

Gone are the simple days of designing a website for your business and easily getting it well-ranked on Google. In this time of bespoke website design and custom web design, even Google pushes us to improve our ranking strategies.

It has been established with the help of surveys and research that mobile traffic has substantially increased. In fact, in 2016, Mobile Searches began to surpass desktop searches on Google. With consumers having a web-accessible gadget at their disposal 24/7, it only makes sense. So, what does that mean for local searches and websites? It means that web designers and developers now have dual responsibilities. Not only do they have to make the website rank well but also to make it appear in local searches.

Several mobile users search for local businesses often. From clothing stores to hospitals to nearby restaurants. To rank well in a local search, your website has to provide more information about what the users are searching for. A custom website design will help to achieve the purpose of a mobile web design in an efficient manner.

There are several strategies to achieve the goal of targeting local traffic. Having a mobile-friendly or responsive web design is just one of them.

Mobile Web Design Tips For Local Search

We have lined up a few strategies that can boost your website’s ranking in local search. Let’s see what these are.

Tip # 1 – Metadata For Mobile

First of all, make sure you know what metadata is. For those who don’t know what it is, I’ll explain it briefly. The widely acknowledged definition of metadata is ‘data about data’. It is used to briefly describe a certain resource in a structured manner. With the help of metadata, search engines can discover, identity, optimise and organise content about an item/product/service.

Now with that settled, let’s move on to understanding if your website has its metadata designed for a mobile web design?

The web developers who create bespoke web designs understand the effect metadata has on the marketing campaigns of a website. The SEO experts should be well aware of it too. If not, there will be low-to-no local traffic on your website.

What Does It Mean To Have Metadata Designed For A Mobile Website?

It means to have a brief yet a compact description of each webpage of your website. The metadata should be able to answer users’ queries in the briefest way possible.

A mobile screen is comparatively smaller than a desktop; so the desktop website will not run properly on it.

Let’s understand this with the help of an example. We are taking EcoGreen’s mobile web design for this demonstration.

schema markup for ecogreen it recycling

It is advised to have compact metadata for the mobile version of a website which is missing in this case. As we can see here, the metadata is quite long and ends on an incomplete sentence. While the URL does fit on one line, the web page name exceeds to one and a half lines. This doesn’t leave a very good first impression on a mobile user. However, it is able to elaborate on what the website is about and where it is located.

schema markup dunhill uk

Now, take a look at this clothing store website’s metadata. The webpage name and URL each fit in one line. Moreover, the metadata is a complete package telling the users about what the business offers. However, they do not have the location mentioned in the data, and this could be misleading or confusing.

What we learn from these two examples is that you must have some idea about what should be included in the metadata for mobile web design. These two examples are not the standard. However, it depends on you and what you want the customer to know about you. Make sure to reveal enough, however, to grab their attention and making them want to click on the website.

Tip # 2 – A Brief Website

Whether you have a custom web design or a template website design, it is usually recommended to keep the website more concise for the mobile version. This may be applicable to many websites, but this may not be a standard for several others. For instance, a hair salon website, it is possible to have a four-scroll mobile web design (Meaning the entire site can be viewed with four scrolls of a mouse wheel). However, this may not be possible for other, more complex websites, like sites aimed at IT recycling or web development.

So, if your website has a scroll-down-for-more policy, make sure to keep the most important details readily available on top.

Take a look;

A Brief Website

Here, on the top right and left, the website has contact information and answers to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). This is helpful for the visitors as it stops them needlessly scrolling for several minutes. However, if they do need more information, then they can keep scrolling until they reach the bottom of the page. There they will get more detailed information, such as the street and email address of the business.

mobile users

This website provides all the essential information required by the mobile-users in only a few scrolls of a mouse. This is important in order to decrease the bounce rate and increase conversions.

Tip # 3 – Location-Specific Pages

If your website, whether a custom web design or a template, targets several locations, then it must have dedicated pages for each location. This has several benefits, both in terms of on-site and local search-related optimisation.

The major benefit it has for the users is to save their time as they can filter out their desired location. Then they can extract the needed information from there instead of wasting hours on cluttered pages.

Take inspiration:

Custom web design

EcoGreen has separate pages for all the four location in which it offers services. From the navigation menu, we can easily access the location details and then explore the one we want.

Using dedicated pages for each location provides the user with targeted information on separate pages. This also helps in targeting location-specific keywords, which in turn help with appearing in local searches.

Tip # 4 – Reviews And Ratings

In this digital era where people can shop for everything online, reviews and ratings are vitally important. A positive review and a higher rating are like silent brand ambassadors of a business. If you are getting a custom web design, then be sure to ask the web designer to include a reviews feature in it.

Whilst a built-in ratings and reviews feature is more efficient, it is certainly not the only option. There are other options like Google reviews, TrustPilot, Yelp, and Facebook, etc. These options are ideal for the businesses using a template website design that doesn’t support this as a built-in function.

Take a look at these ratings on EcoGreen on Google;

rating website

While these features are helpful, they may sometimes get out of hand with negative reviews. That is why a built-in feature helps control the flow of feedback.

Tip # 5 – Call-To-Action Buttons

What do you want to deliver through your website? Information, obviously. Then make sure to be to-the-point and as concise as possible. The more a user struggles to find the relevant information it’s less likely for him to convert. Always remember the mantra; ‘Quality not quantity’.

The digital era is fast and direct. There is no room for small talk on your bespoke website design. Users need information and it is recommended to deliver it as quickly as you can.

Once the information is imparted, then it’s time for some action. The sole purpose of a website is not only to provide information but also to sell the product/service. So, for the purpose of making a sale, a Call-To-Action (CTA) button has to always be within reach.

The place of such buttons has been argued by several designers. Some say that CTA buttons have to be on the top, others have argued the opposite. But one thing is for sure, that they have to be in front of the user’s eyes.

Take a look;

reduce reuse recycle

EcoGreen efficiently uses the “book a collection” button throughout the page. The user can keep scrolling, but once they make a decision they can easily book a collection instantly. The CTA is also placed in the navigation menu. Its position, as it is placed in the last, is strategic, too. The website provides all the necessary information regarding their services and locations. Once that is done they start selling instantly.

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