How SEO For Restaurants Should Be Done? | A Complete Guide

Since more than 60% of the consumers search for local restaurants and cafes online, it has become imperative for a restaurant owner to get their existing SEO strategies optimised. Considering the fact that more than 75% of the users don’t go on the second page of Google it has become vital for the restaurants to appear on the first page. Now that you know how important SEO for restaurants is, you can use it to your advantage in order to boost the digital presence of your single or multi-location restaurant chain.

Yes, SEO is both confusing and difficult. But nowadays customers look for convenience above anything else. Therefore, if you want your restaurant to succeed in the digital era, you must adhere to the following SEO tips for restaurants.

10 Best Practices To Improve SEO For Restaurants

SEO For Restaurants

Define Your Content & SEO Strategies

seon strategies

You must define your restaurant SEO strategy before you decide to jump into the myriad of engagement channels, platforms, and tools. Doing this will not only help you zero in on your competitors but drive more relevant traffic towards your website too.

SEO agency Nottingham suggests that you should start by targeting certain geographic areas specifically the ones where most of your customers are likely to come from. Now research the keyword phrases and terms your target audience uses via tools such as Ahrefs or Google Keyword Planner.

Furthermore, having an abundance of helpful and engaging content on the website will serve you quite well. However, you must make sure that it holds true value for your customers and prospects. It will help you establish a solid reputation that will most likely result in:

  • Greater brand affinity
  • Higher brand recall
  • Better rankings

Google Listings & Posts

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You will have to complete your restaurant listing thoroughly. This should be done to make it attractive enough for both your audience and search engines.

Don’t just fill out the basics of your SEO restaurant such as the phone number, business hours or address. You must also include the types of payment you accept, a link to your menu, photos and special hours. However, the most important thing here is to ensure that every bit of the provided information is accurate.

Google Posts are one of the most important additions to the arsenal of restaurant SEO. You may access these posts via the listing editor page of your Google My Business (GMB) account. It allows you to add a 300-word post along with a picture and a link to sign up, learn more, get offer and buy.

With this option, you will not only be able to make more room on Google but advertise your special events for free.

Schema / Structured Data Markup

Special schema markup was released by Google in 2017 for restaurants along with a number of other properties/sections. The primary aim of this schema markup is to get Google to focus more on your informative menus.


SEO tips for restaurants.

Testimonials are not only for your Google My Business (GMB) account. You should also get them incorporated on your website. Add the reviewer’s name along with his/her picture if possible. And don’t feel hesitant in listing these testimonials on the protruding spot of the website.

SEO For Restaurants Requires You To Focus on Conversions

SEO For Restaurants

While driving excessive traffic towards the website of your restaurant is important, it is equally important for you to focus on conversions. Booking a table, getting contact information or discovering the menu should not take more than a single click. Furthermore, you should place catchy CTAs on all the pages of your website. All of this should be done as part of the process of improving local SEO for restaurants.

Get On The Map

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Businesses like restaurants should remind their potential and regular customers about their location constantly. This is where directory marketing comes in. It is the best way to guide the visitors and locals to your restaurant. As many of you already know that review sites like Yelp can help bring in more hungry customers. What you do not know is that directories like Yellow Pages, Manta, GrubHub and MapQuest can be used to help direct the customers towards your restaurant.

Get in contact with a local SEO expert and ask him or her to help you out with this.

Add Pictures Of The Interior Throughout Your Site

SEO tips for restaurants

Add attention-grabbing images of your restaurant’s interior on your website. This is an important part of the local SEO for restaurants because many customers nowadays decide whether they want to dine at your restaurant or not by looking at its ambiance and interior.

You should consider making the most out of it as people usually go to restaurants for social get-togethers. Therefore, it is your job to make them want to spend a couple of hours in your restaurant.

Display Your Menu

SEO tips for restaurants

Google allows restaurants to add their menus directly on the GMB listing. You will find the option for this on your dashboard. This option also allows you to segment your restaurant’s menu into various categories, give a description, add a wonderful image and prices to help you entice new customers.

Apply Basic On-Page SEO Best Practices

seo for resturants

SEO for restaurants is not as easy as it seems. Choosing to ignore the best SEO on-page practices would not be in your best interest. Indexing is done to let the search engines know about your presence on the internet and on-page optimisation is done separate your web content into different classifications.

Check your XML sitemap and robots.txt to make sure that your website is properly indexed for the future. I recommend that you set up a Google Search Console account to eliminate the errors if there are any.

When it comes to on-page optimisation, make sure that you have keyword-specific and unique:

  • Page headings
  • Meta description tags
  • Title tags
  • Image alt attributes
  • URLs

Keep Monitoring Results

SEO tips for restaurants

You must ensure that everything is working out perfectly for you. One can monitor the SEO results by making the best use of tools like Google Analytics. Doing this will help you monitor behaviours and trends of the people that have paid a visit to your website.

Leave us a comment if you have enjoyed reading this blog on SEO for restaurants. Let us know if we have left out anything important.

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