Is Agile Web Development Better Than Traditional Web Development?

Agile web development is the name of an attitude, a mindset with which we choose to undertake a certain project. It gives managers, designers and developers a chance to focus on delivering the best end product to the clients through adaptability, collaboration, iteration and feedback.

In this blog, I will explain how agile website development practices are different from the traditional practices and what benefits do they offer to the web design and development agencies.

What Is Agile Web Development Process?

The agile methodology requires you to concurrently execute all the steps of the web development process. Everyone from content writers to web designers will have to coordinate with one another throughout the web development process.

It is all about focusing on the actions that add true value to a website and take away the focus from the mind-numbing parts of the development process that does not add any real value for the end user.

Agile Web Development vs Waterfall Web Development

Agile web design

The agile web development process consists of a series of cycles or sprints that involve research, designing, development and quality assurance. Every sprint or cycle produces a tangible product and a new piece of information that helps you guide the subsequent sprint. Whereas, the waterfall model requires you to lay the foundations of all the subsequent phases in advance. It means that the development will have to move forward in accordance with the pre-set path.

This particular website development method has played a vital role in making website design services UK more productive and efficient.

The agile methodology offers flexibility and transparency that helps companies understand what needs to be fixed and what is working well and what isn’t. This allows the developers to invest their time on more critical requirements.

Benefits of Agile Web Development

Agile Web Development

Agile web design is more suitable for creative, complex and large projects, especially if you are designing an e-commerce website or a site with a large database and distinctive features. The following section will highlight some of the benefits of using agile methodology for web development.

The Fastest There Is

agile speed

Agile promotes the idea of regular and early roll-out of the website through beta demonstrations and iterations. With agile, you will have something small and tangible to share with the clients at the end of each sprint.

More Collaboration

team collaboration

Many agencies nowadays still persist with the waterfall model. Therefore, the employees rarely get to interact with one another. The designers simply pass on their designs to the development team and start working on their new tasks.

The agile methodology requires the team of web designers, developers and Q.A executives to collaborate on a regular basis throughout the web development process. This allows them to deliver more polished end products to the clients.

Encouraging collaboration and communication between stakeholders and the web design and development teams will allow your organisation to build successful, strong and long-term working relationships with your clients.

Agile is Lightweight

agile weight

Agile web development practices welcome changes at any given time. They even allow you to make improvements upon the existing system as new developments continue to be made.

Focus on True Business Values

Agile web development

If the customer is in charge of prioritising the components of the project, the web design and development teams will know what is important and deliver solutions that represent the true essence of their brand.

Lower Project Cost


You won’t have to revamp the website multiple times if you are following agile web design practices as they allow you to welcome changes throughout the web development stages. This kind of flexibility significantly reduces the overall project cost.

Strong Relevant Metrics

agile team

The effort, cost and time estimate given by the agile team is more accurate and relevant in comparison to the metrics used by the traditional methods for time and cost estimations.


agile web design

Project managers cannot foresee the future; however, they can have a significant impact on the way a team chooses to respond to any changes that need to be made.

In order words, they can play a key role in making their teams more adaptable, as adaptability is one of the most important cornerstones of agile methodology.

When team members start making good use of their time, they amplify their chances of delivering a quality end product to the stakeholders.

Increased Execution Speed

web design

Agile web design practices enable developers to focus on vital features and core functionalities. At the same time, the designers can continue working on UX architects and visual for user testing.

Reduction in the time spent waiting for the completion of earlier development stages makes room for more efficient and faster project execution.


Waterfall Or Agile

Transparency is vital for organisations that choose to adopt agile. Agile workplaces customers or clients a chance to get involved during the development stages of their websites. This may include:

  • Review sessions
  • Iteration planning
  • Prioritization of features

This transparency will not only benefit the stakeholders, but it will also offer your team a chance to improve and become more adaptable.

Do We Use Waterfall Or Agile?

Intelicle offers custom web solutions with sleek modern designs and complex features to its clients in the UK. Therefore, we use agile web design techniques in order to create these solutions.

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance for us and agile enables us to deliver the promised functionalities and features that can help us keep our customers satisfied and happy.


The very idea of not having to conceal anything from the stakeholders liberates an agile workforce. According to one particular empirical research, the agile workplaces amplify the productivity levels of your design and development teams by 16%.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this insightful blog on agile web development practices. Leave us a comment if you did.

Web design agency Nottingham acknowledges the importance of responsive, user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing websites. Therefore, we have hired a team of highly skilled and experienced web designers and developers who will ensure the deliverance of robust and high-functioning websites and web applications. The dedication, collaboration, creativity and work ethic of our team members have helped us establish our reputation as one of the best web design agencies in the UK.

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  1. That’s totally true. Agile development is better than traditional web development as there is more transparency in the process and everyone is aware of what’s doing. The major advantage of it, is that it eliminates the scope of errors and mistakes. Thanks for sharing this article!

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