Konected is a lead generation platform that was created to capture
leads from customers and connecting them with service providers

What they asked for?

Konected wanted us to build a bespoke lead generation platform that would allow them to connect customers with professionals. As with most lead generation platforms, the required solution needed to have a powerful backend that allowed relevant professionals to see and purchase leads. Konected wanted the system easy to use both for the customers and service providers. Furthermore, the management of lead visibility based on location and custom pricing for the leads was a must-have.

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Lead Generation Solution

With simplicity in mind, we created a website with positive user experience for customers and professionals. Furthermore, the implementation of responsive design practices helped in amplifying the number of sessions from tablet & mobile users.

We placed the call to action (CTA) buttons and forms throughout the website in critical areas that allowed the users to get non-obligatory quotes at any given time.

The users are only required to fill an online form and upload their project details. As soon as the user finishes submitting their job, the management at Konnected receives a notification on the portal. Therefore, the management can qualify the lead before publishing it. Also, after a job is approved, the solution sends out emails to a pool of relevant experts who can view the requirements and start making their offers. Finally, we used traffic forecasts and keyword research to set revenue targets for Konected. The meticulous targeted ad placement and media calendars helped them achieve their goals. Furthermore, we utilised Google Analytics for tracking the generated revenue.

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The management from Konected commended the flexibility, commitment and professionalism of our team. Intelicle delivered the project on time and budget with all customer requirements fulfilled. Consequently, hundreds of clients were able to access the talented, experienced and varied pool of professionals. As a result, Konected were able to meet their revenue targets from this bespoke lead generation platform.

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