Logo Design Or Web Design? Which Is The Smart Choice?

Creating a start-up business is a challenging endeavor. Its not just about creating a brand that can compete with your competitors, but also one that establishes trust with your clients. Establishing a connection with your clients is a mammoth task to start with, as you have nothing to help. This is why its so important to make a great first impression, to start building this credibility and rapport with them.

One way to introduce your business to new clients is through a bespoke company logo and website through a web design agency. Your company logo is the visual recognition for your business and is how you can make a distinction between yourself and your competitors. Your website, on the other hand, will serve to build trust and credibility as a business.

Investing in the right logo and website design is vitally important to get a professional look. Hiring a web design agency in Nottingham for this purpose will result in starting your business of on the right foot. Remember, the company logo and website are the first things people will see of your business in the real and digital world.

We are living in the digital era. People now have access to everything through their smartphones and the internet. To catch up with these users who are almost always online, establishing your online presence is vital. You can attract a large number of people to your brand through your website. So, now the question on the mind of a start-up owner is: which do you make first? What is more important? Logo design or Website design?

Though both elements are very important; considering the possible impact your website may have, we would recommend focusing on the web design aspect first. This will be the contact point between you and the customer, so start off on the right foot and hire an expert web design agency to get started.

Now, let’s discuss just why the website will be more important to your business.

Source Of Contact

web design

The website will be one of the main ways for a customer to connect with you, and in multiple ways. Phone number, email address, chat box or even possibly a forum. There are plenty of ways for users to use your website to get in touch. Direct communication is also a great way to start building trust and credibility within the area.

Source Of Marketing


For newcomers to the online world, the first challenge you may encounter is how to market your services and products. With a great website and fantastic marketing, you could reach thousands of users online and make a large amount of profit. Every day, millions of users make billions of searches on Googles search engine, and this number is rising with the continuing popularity of online shopping. You want your website to be ranking high in these searches. Many web design agencies specialise in E-Commerce websites to help you get seen and your products bought online.

Source Of Creating Worth

As we stated earlier, your website can help build your credibility and establish your business as a brand. Once you have created a brand worth, you will notice significant growth in your business. Web design agencies in Nottingham help to create web design that can add value and branding so that people can identify with your brand. Hiring a professional or web design agency has its importance as they will help you achieve your business goals in structured, regimented way. So, now it’s clear that starting with a website is helpful in creating your presence online and value for your business. After you’ve started to build your audience and credibility, then time can be spend on the logo, branding and design of your website.

Website Design Nottingham Services

When it comes to Web Design in Nottingham, there’s a lot of options: Web Developer Companies and Freelancers. . Intelicle is one Web Development company that makes sure to not include anything into a website design unless it is what the website owner wants and is convinced of its benefits to users. Intelicle listens to issues and are continually striving to create better websites.

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