Microsoft Advertising | Why & How to Advertise on Bing

Yea the Bing ads!  Still a thing huh?

As a matter of fact, Bing is very much here to stay in the competition and Bing ads do get the job done. Let’s get a brief introduction first.

Bing ads which are now called Microsoft advertising and often mistaken as Bing AdWords have a significant share in the ppc management services.
Microsoft advertisement has a long and interesting history, starting from MSN search to being renamed Bing Ads in 2012. The technology used by Bing ads is similar to that of PPC (pay per click) of other forums such as Google ads.

So, what exactly is Microsoft advertising?

microsoft advertising

Microsoft advertisement provides a funded listing for the Microsoft Search network. The process of placement is simple and clear like other forums, which is bidding.  The idea is to show your ad to related viewers, who then interact with it if they like it. You have to pay for each click.
The advantage you have on your hand is the strong audience targeting capacity of Microsoft that helps you reach the desired audience.

In their own words: “Microsoft Advertising ads appear when people search online for a topic related to your business and direct them to your website, phone line or physical location.”

How do Bing ads work?

Here is what you need to do in order to get the full benefit of ads, explained in simple words

  1. Create engaging ads
  2. Keep in mind your audience
  3. Get to know who, when, where about visitors
  4. Design your Bing ads according to them
  5. Use ad extensions smartly
  6. Make great use of different devices
  7. Pay special attention to local customers.
  8. Work more on your popular pages and features

What does Bing ppc offer?

Microsoft advertising offers a range of features for their users such as;

  1. A wide-ranging power networks.
  2. An opportunity to incorporate with social media campaigns
  3. Link with businesses remotely
  4. Get a unique audience
  5. Option to reach worldwide or cater to a native audience
  6. Target local-based audience separately
  7. Target the audience at a specific distance from you,
  8. An option to import from other search engines 

Okay, that’s great. But who even uses Bing? Doesn’t everyone Google all the stuff?
Actually No,
Stats show that the fight is still on somehow.

Google has got 85% of the share and the rest is divided between Bing and Yahoo. (Yeah, we googled).

So apparently, Google is winning but does this mean Bing is finished? Not really. The Bing owns almost ~9% of the market share that is equal to billions of £ every year, which means they are actually running in profit!

Hence there is a fair share of users who still use Bing and this means there will always be a specific group of audience for you to tackle on Bing.

Bing Ads vs. Google Ads: The Pros & Cons of Each Platform 

bing ads

“Better results for less cost. That’s as simple as I can make it. If I look at the quality of traffic, we get for the dollars we spend on Bing Ads, our ROI is fantastic. “

Alex Littlewood
CEO, Motoroso

How much does it cost to advertise on Bing?

How many people use Bing for Microsoft advertising??

Is Bing ads cheaper than adverts?

How can we decide which one is better than the others?

To answer these questions, there is a certain criterion to be met. Such as;

Who offer better services at lower prices?
Which one provides more reach to the audience?
Where you can get your desired audience?

For the answers, let’s compare the AdWords and Microsoft advertising  

Google ads

Google ads offer two kinds of services.

  1. Google search network showing ads on search results.
  2. Display network that advertises on different websites.

Bing ads

Microsoft advertising means we have Bing, Yahoo and AOL.


With Google, we used to get a limit of 35 characters in each description, and Bing used to offer 71. But now Bing and Google both provide the character limit of 80.


Google has an advantage over Bing in the traffic volume of keywords.

Cost per click

Google has a much higher cost per click as compared to Google.

More control

Bing has an advantage over Google in its control features, such as adjustment of timing according to different zones.


Bing has less competition as compared to Google.

Now the natural concern for every business is,

Is Bing advertisement worth it?

 Microsoft states:

  • Bing users spend 36% more money online when shopping from their desktop computers than the average internet searcher
  • 137 million people use the search engine
  • There are 6 billion searches on the platform every month
  • Nearly 35% of all online searches are done on Bing

To advertise on Bing or not, now that’s a question and we let you be the judge!

Setting up Bing Ads: An Easy Guide to Microsoft advertising 

bing ads guide

Setting up Bing ads is made easy for you with our guide. Here is how simple it is;

  • Creating account
  • Import from Google ads
  • Insert keywords
  • Start the campaign!

Now you can do this ad campaign yourself or hire any ppc agency to do the job for you.

Either way, in these few simple steps, you can actually put up your Bing campaign!

Step 1: Setting up an account

1.Go to the Bing website and sign up if you don’t have an account already

2. Provide all information you have for an ad campaign

3. Provide your data like:

  • Company name
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Country your business is located in
  • The currency you want to use
  • Time zone

Step 2: Setting up the campaign

4. Now you have to decide on two things, whether you want to create a new ad campaign or import data from Google.

5. You’ll then be taken to the “Choose Import Options” page, where you can choose the following:

  • What you want to import
  • Bids and budgets
  • Landing page URLs
  • Tracking templates
  • Ad extensions

Step 3: Optimisation Microsoft advertising 

6. Selection of the audience you want to target

7. Identify a specific location for ad audience

8. Decide when you want the import to implement it: Once, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

9. Click either Import or Schedule

10. Decide on the keywords now

11. Keyword Planner page will give you two options; Find new keywords and Plan your budget and get insights.

12. Get help from keyword suggestions

13. The list will include; Average monthly searches, competition, and Suggested bid amount.

14. Go back to your Bing Ads dashboard and click Create a campaign.

Step 4: Goals

15. The goals you can choose are:

  • Visits to my website
  • Visits to my business location(s)
  • Conversions in my website
  • Phone calls to my business
  • Dynamic search ads
  • Sell products from your catalogue
  • Then select Create your ad and start the successful journey of Microsoft advertising 

There you go… Bing it!!

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