Is a One Page Website Design Any Good For Business?

If you want to enhance your brand’s value, you’ll have to give your customers one hell of an online-site experience. This is particularly true for the website, which uses an ecommerce platform because of ecommerce giants like Amazon. The overall design of your website design should complement the promise made by your brand. It should not give a template feeling and your content needs to be education focused, this is the primary essence of a one page website design.

Long story short, it has to be a highly aesthetic and functional website.

The interface of your website should be intuitive; it should give your customers the reason for why they should purchase products from your website.

Why a one page website design works?<

As its name implies, it only has one HTML page. It is great for businesses, which cannot afford the bombardment of way too much content. For example, people who visit ecommerce websites to buy products are not really interested in reading the fancy details. They want the content to be concise and to the point.

Your website should offer a straightforward, enticing design, user friendliness, intuitive scrolling and a clear and fast reading experience.

Your one page website should:

  • Be built using robust, secure and safe technology
  • Have a responsive design
  • Be able to add unlimited products

Why you need it?

One page website design

It is particularly good for your business if you want to use your website to sell less than a dozen products. In such cases:

  • You wouldn’t want to overwhelm your customers with excessive information, would you? You will have the option of reinforcing visual effects with your content.
  • The navigation is visually appealing and simplified in a single page website. For most of your users, scrolling is a more natural action.
  • One page website design is much easier to maintain and it will be comparatively easy for you to make your design responsive. Furthermore, you won’t have to organize your sub-pages. A multi-page website cannot give you such an option.
  • Its structure is much better in comparison to multi-page website. To the point content along with enticing visual design will draw more audience, which will translate to a higher conversion rate.
  • You can inspire your potential customers to take action by incorporating a storytelling angle. Don’t people just love stories? It is something that comes naturally to us; we were all raised listening to story books in our childhoods.
  • Every user will appreciate the fact that your website takes up less amount of their bandwidth.
  • You can use simple modal windows to load checkout process and product details.

11 of the most Inspirational One Page Websites

The following are the perfect examples of one page website design:

1)     Visions Magazine

one page website design

Visions Magazine gives its user complete control over the feel and look of their website. The sophisticated scrolling allows you to flip through the magazine’s latest issues.

2)     NU:RO Watch

web design

Their web design can easily adapt to all kinds of devices. Everything on their website with a visual appeal including blogs, images, and quotes are featuring exquisitely.

Furthermore, the website has customizable sidebars, headers, navigation and footers.

3)     Treeline

web development

The treeline’s colour scheme compliments and correlates their products. Their creativity helps their store in standing out.

Their products are laying out in the open on an immaculate grid, which makes shopping and browsing easy.

4)     Seedlip

energetic website

This is without a shadow of doubt a personable and an energetic website. The website references the unique heritage of the product along with providing a wonderful user-friendly experience.

You will enjoy looking at this website because their photo composition is beautiful. And how beautiful is their font?

5)     The Gift of Giving

website more fun

The website literally forces you to buy from them. They couldn’t have possibly made the description of their products any clearer.

You will find the website more fun, intuitive and inviting than most of the websites you have been accustomed to.

6)     Mah Ze Dahr Bakery

one page website

The website compels you to focus on their mouth-watering goods. Their navigation scheme is unique, intuitive and fluid because it moves in 3 directions. They have paid attention to most meticulous of details while designing this wonderful website.

The theme is truly versatile with a predisposition towards professionalism. The page is relatively effective but simple.

7)     Composure Dock by Rest

website design

The website has a pleasing soft grey and blue colour scheme. The site’s font size literally grasps you attention and its design appeals to the younger generation.

The page is crafted beautifully and has full-width. It quickly drives the customers to the purchasing point.

8)     TelMD

one page website

The education-cantered approach of their content will really make you understand the importance of their valuable tips. The balance between the images and the text is what that stands out for me on this website. Furthermore, dynamic loading technologies and powerful scrolling are incorporated readily.

9)     Brew


You can easily navigate yourself on this website. The statement on their website “A new way to listen” makes it clear to you what the site is for.

The website assists you regarding its use by using video and product photography that too on a single page.



Vault smoothly runs in all sorts of traffic conditions. It is both cross-compatible and responsive. The colour and font manages to amaze and impress you every time you visit the website.

The vault is cross-compatible with all platforms, devices and browsers. The website is one of the best examples of ecommerce platform based websites.

11)Mayday Magazine

mayday magzine

The most wonderful attribute about this website is the photography and colour pallet. Moreover, the overall design is also quite remarkable.

The website manages to capture the spirit and true essence of the magazine. The linear, one page website design of the website tells everything there is to know about Mayday.

Need some Pointers for your One Page Website?

The web development phase needs to be customer-oriented

The Idea is to Keep Things Simple

simple website design

Simplify your design and content as much as you can because simple is beautiful. Making things complex won’t do any good. Think about a statement, which will convey the basic idea to the customers.

Think like your audience, think about how they will process and read your information.

The Layout Needs to be Logical

website layout

Your one page website design needs to have a logical layout along with a great design. It will help you in achieving your goal. Break up your content and lead the customers through your story via means of overlays, background-colours and header-styles.

Make sure that your design is not repetitive or tedious because your brand should also relate to the selected theme.

Use visual effects with texts to ensure that your visitors scroll till the end of the page.

  • Create headers for every section.
  • Leave sufficient space between every section.
  • Add slideshow or photo In order to break up your text.

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Use Multimedia to Tell your Story

one page website

If you want to get your message across, you are going to need visual aid. Try using slideshows, videos, and photos to lure in the audience. Multimedia has the power to reflect your brand, set your audience’s mood and prompt visitors to buy things from you.

Responsiveness and Navigation

responsive website design

Ensure that your website offers and enjoyable and easy experience for your users. Nowadays, people use devices of all shapes, including laptops, tablets and smartphones to buy things. Omnipresence of tablets, smartwatches and smartphones requires you to ensure your website’s responsiveness.

Navigation is quite simple for a single page website. So, instead of navigating the visitors to different pages, you’ll just have to navigate them to various points of the current page. Use back-to-up button and anchor links to keep your UX intuitive and pleasant.

Any organization nowadays would want to have a strong digital presence. Your website design plays a key role in luring in your customers. Your website has to make an immediate impression on your potential customers and prompt them into taking an action. Get in contact with Web design Agency Nottingham for customer-focused website solutions.

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