Top 12 Tips To Do Online Marketing For Local Businesses

Online marketing for local businesses is the latest trend in business marketing. With every passing day, the number of internet users is increasing. According to InternetLiveStats, the number of internet users (at the time of writing) is given below:

online marketing for local businesses

So, that’s approximately 4.1 billion internet users all over the globe. That’s A LOT!

In order to reach the target audience and make sales, especially in the nearby area, local online marketing is crucial. An online marketing strategy for local businesses is different from an e-commerce one. This is because its target audience is limited, i.e. people living in the business’ nearby areas.

So, in order to increase the traffic and reach for a local store, we have compiled an extensive list of online marketing tips for small business.

Let’s take a look!

Online Marketing For Local Businesses

Use some or all of these tips for local online marketing to grow your business.

  1. A Mobile-Friendly Website

online marketing for local businesses

The world runs on fingertips nowadays and so do local businesses. So, if your business doesn’t have a fully-functional and mobile-friendly website, you better get one ASAP! No other online marketing tips for small business need as immediate implementation like this one.

These days, a user is most likely to search about your business on their cell phone or mobile device. So, if you’re interested in bringing traffic and then converting them to potential buyers, a mobile-friendly website is required for your business.

Another factor in getting a mobile-friendly website is Google. Experts have been telling online businesses to make their websites mobile-friendly or get ready to lose customers. Google keeps updating its algorithm, and according to the most recent one, if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, chances are it won’t show up on mobile searches. This is like losing 80-90% of potential customers/visitors there and then. So, get yourself a mobile-friendly website NOW!

  1. Local SEO

There is no concept of online marketing for local businesses without local SEO. This means, in order to appear in local search results, you need a descriptive search strategy. So, you need to provide certain details, like the type of products/services you offer, and your location on your website. This helps in getting your website to appear in top search results.

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  1. A Clean And Fuss-Free Website Design

Most start-ups commit this mistake of getting themselves an extremely cluttered website with lots of knick-knacks. This is what repulses several users who might be visiting their website. Most of the time, your website is your first introduction with a potential buyer. So, in order to make a lasting impression, try to keep a clean and professional-looking website instead of an ornament showcase.

  1. Include Contact Information

online marketing for local businesses

For local online marketing, it is beneficial to include your contact details. Most of the local customers who search for a local business online are quite likely to visit the physical store, too. So, if your website has a contact number and address written bold and clear in an obvious manner, you can expect some visitors soon.

  1. Provide All Contact Options

local online marketing

In online marketing for local businesses, one strategy is to include all contact options on your website. This usually includes a phone number, email address, social media channels, and office address. However, any other contact information, if relevant to your business, can be added too.

  1. Keep The Call-to-Action Visible

What’s the main purpose of a website? To bring traffic and convert them into clients, right? So, following marketing tips for small business is a necessity in order to maximise your gains. One of the things that is essential for this is to have a call-to-action button and put it in an obvious place.

Ecogreen has their ‘Book A Collection’ button on the right side of every page and it keeps moving with your scrolling.

local online marketing

  1. Be Regular On Social Media

Social Media is like the holy grail of attracting traffic. In local online marketing, social media plays a crucial role. However, in order to generate stable traffic via social media platforms, you have to be regular there. And by regular we don’t mean just regular posting. Social media platforms, like Instagram, keep updating their algorithm and due to this your content reaches only 10% of your followers. So, in order to increase the reach, you have to actively engage in different posts and be regular.

  1. Join Or Create A Facebook Group

In online marketing for local businesses, if something is underrated it is Facebook groups . Search for relevant groups and join the ones that are active. Be an active participant in these groups by contributing useful information. You can share the blogs posted on your website, too. However, don’t spam the posts otherwise you might get kicked out of the group. Once you have established enough credibility, you can go on creating your own group.

  1. Participate In Forums

While Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms, it is certainly not the only one. There are other online forums, like Reddit, Quora, and Tumblr. These forums are also great for marketing your brand and engaging in group discussions. For instance, on Quora, you can answer different queries asked by internet users. This helps in building a profile as a credible source. However, make sure you don’t impart false knowledge. So, engage only in those discussions where you’re either learning or guiding about a certain topic that falls under your expertise.

  1. Design Relevant Landing Pages

The top marketing tips for small business include designing relevant landing pages for each location and other actions. This is important when you post ads on social media and other sources. So, if someone clicks on those, you have to make sure they land on the right page. Otherwise, your ad campaign is just useless. If your ad isn’t targeted to the relevant landing page, it is only going to drive the visitor away. Because nobody likes to open 5 pages before they reach the relevant one.

  1. Use Location Optimised Keywords

Once you have relevant landing pages for each location and product/services, it’s time to write relevant content. With relevant content comes relevant keywords. Research for your location-specific keywords and use the most solid ones in the content that you write for pages. You can also use these keywords in the blogs and any other relevant areas.

  1. Claim Your Spot On Google My Business

Google My Business is a relevantly new feature, but it is proving quite beneficial for businesses. All you have to do is to set up your business account there and fill as much information as possible. You must provide a physical address (if any), phone number, opening and closing hours, and locations you serve in. You should also use relevant photos as it increases the credibility of a business.

We hope that these tips will be helpful for your online marketing for local businesses. If you need any assistance regarding local online marketing or any sort of SEO Services, feel free to contact us.

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