Foodbank Online Pantry System

Food online pantry system

Not all charity organisations have the budget to give away completely free food. The online pantry system helps them deal with people who can partially pay for food. Our online pantry system will allow the users to apply and provide documents to prove their eligibility. Once done, they can select items within a given limit and order them. The pantry system provides the option to pick up or local delivery.


How Pantry Works

  • User signs up online on the pantry system by providing all information that pantry requires to prove their eligibility.
  • Pantry gets notification of the application and have option to accept or decline the application. User gets email notification on approval / rejection.
  • Once approved, the user can log into the system and select one of the packages (e.g. 10 kgs of food for £10, 20 kgs of food for £18)
  • User can use the product catalogue to order food that they need. Pantry has full control over how many items of a particular kind a user can buy for each package.
  • User pays the package price for their purchase and select whether they want delivery, or they want to collect.
Online pantry system

Tiered packages

The pantry works by using tiered packages. You can create as many or as little packages as you need to suit your needs. For each package, you can specify how much the package costs, how much food they can buy and restrict how many of the high-value items a user can buy (e.g. coffee). By having full control over tiered packages and the users’ eligibility, you can ensure that you deliver value for money for people in need.

People’s Pantry Case Study

Nottingham People’s Pantry wanted a system where they can offer groceries at discounted prices for those who can’t afford the regular ones. Intelicle built a system that effectively keeps all records, checks eligibility of the customers, allows specified weight to be added to the basket and check out with an option to pick up or get food delivered for a price. The system has had a very positive uptake and has many users who benefit from the system on a regular basis.

 online Pantry system Case Study


Eligibility control icon
Eligibility control

Provide food to people who meet your eligibility criteria.

Price packages icon
Tiered packages

Create and price the packages as per your needs.

pay online for pantry systems
Pay by cash or card

Allow customers to pay online for food that needs to be delivered or pay cash on collection.

pantry system Stock management
Stock control

You have full control over your stock, which ensures that you help as many people as possible.

Shopping frequency icon
Shopping frequency

The online pantry system can restrict how many times a week a user can purchase from you.

online pantry systems Easy to use icon
Easy to use

The system is easy to use both for pantry and for users.


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