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It’s just not about only desktop computers and laptops anymore in this present era. Mobile phones (smartphones) and tablets are equally important these days. Therefore, if you are still ignoring smartphones and tablets for your online marketing strategy, then this post will help you consider some key points and give a push to the marketing strategy.

It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that there has been a complete paradigm shift of users from desktops to tablets and smartphones. In UK only, nearly 70% of all mobile phones are now smartphones and they are catching up with desktops in terms of internet usage in the country.

Hence, planning an effective online marketing strategy for multiple devices is very important.

Intelicle’s Key Points For Mobile Marketing Strategy

Here are few key points by Intelicle that you should remember while planning your overall mobile marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you are a local business, then you should ensure that your business is registered with Google Business with a verified mobile number and address. Try to keep your SEO efforts aligned with mobile marketing because Google automatically shortens the lengths of titles and descriptions. So, try to be as concise and brief as possible.

PPC Campaign

Make sure that you have separate ads for mobile, use mobile sitelinks and mobile call extensions, if you are looking to launch a PPC campaign for your company. Mobile traffic tends to convert more compared to desktop. Therefore, provide a tailored experience to mobile users since mobile has a completely different experience than desktop.

Social Media Marketing

Social media, as we all know, is becoming more popular on smartphones and tablets day by day. Nearly 80% of the users in UK logged in on Facebook are active via smartphones or tablets. Not only Facebook, other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn etc., all have more users from mobile platforms than desktop computers. Therefore, Social Media Marketing as also quite important when it comes online mobile marketing.

According to the statistics, 35% of the total users go online with computers, smartphones and tablets equally. This shows that whenever you are devising a marketing plan, these 3 devices have to be focussed for your online marketing campaigns.

Hopefully, these key points will now help you see things more clearly. You would know how to correctly spend your marketing budget, especially in regards to mobile platforms.

Intelicle Specialises in Online Marketing

In case you are looking for effective online or digital marketing plans or strategies, Intelicle would be glad to help you out. Based in UK, our expert team of marketing department helps you devise a plan that includes up-to-date SEO and PPC campaigns, social media marketing and content optimisation.

Get in touch with us today and discuss your business possibilities with us. Our in-house marketing team experts will surely not disappoint you because we are here to help grow your business.

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