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Gone are the days when PCs were the only medium for surfing the internet. Now, there is a long list of devices that people use. On top of the list are mobile phones. As their usage increases, mobile phones and tablets are becoming equally important for marketing these days.

Therefore, if you are still ignoring smartphones and tablets for your online marketing strategy, then this blog is going to help you consider some key points and give a push to your marketing strategy.

What is mobile marketing?

To put it simply, mobile phone marketing is a strategy of brand marketing that focuses on smartphones and other mobile devices. It generally uses different applications and websites along with social media platforms.

Why mobile marketing is important?

It’s not an exaggeration if we say that there has been a complete paradigm shift of users from desktops to tablets and smartphones.
In the UK only, nearly 80% of all mobile phones are now smartphones and they are catching up with desktops in terms of internet usage in the country.

Therefore, this puts mobile marketing in a categorically important position, since so many users are always on their mobile phone. If mobile marketing definition is understood comprehensively by brands and its marketing strategies are implemented thoroughly, there is no doubt that it can bring them all desired results.
Hence, planning an effective online marketing strategy for multiple devices is very important.

How to market

what is mobile marketing

You can use multiple types of digital marketing to achieve your business goals.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you are a local business, then you should ensure that your business is registered with Google Business with a verified mobile number and address. Try to keep your SEO efforts aligned with mobile marketing because Google automatically shortens the lengths of titles and descriptions. So, try to be as concise and brief as possible.

PPC Campaign

Make sure that you have separate ads for mobile also use mobile site links and mobile call extensions if you are looking to launch a PPC campaign for your company.
Mobile traffic tends to convert more compared to desktop. Therefore, provide a tailored experience to mobile users since mobile has a completely different experience than desktop.

 Social Media

Social media, as we all know is becoming more popular on smartphones and tablets day by day. Most numbers of users in the UK logged in on Facebook are active via smartphones or tablets. Not only Facebook but also all other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn etc., have more users from mobile platforms than desktop computers. Therefore, Social Media Marketing as also quite important when it comes to online mobile marketing.
We will discuss later how to use this strategy effectively.

Mobile marketing strategy

mobile marketing strategy

Websites that are responsive to all devices and mobile optimised will get an advantage over others in marketing. In order to market your business and brands via mobile phone, you need to work on several strategies.

Start with a personalised campaign

You need to offer a personalised experience for your customers while campaigning for your brand. Get to know the demographics of your visitors and turn them into customers by targeted personalised marketing towards them.

Mobile marketing example: provide your customers with personalised offers with your email campaign. This is more likely to enhance your sales in big numbers.

Offer them support

“Customer service shouldn’t just be a department; it should be the entire company”

–  Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos

You can use this strategy of in-app and on-web support for mobile phone marketing. This will make your customers feel protected and build trust.

You can achieve this by providing a live chat option.

Marketing fact: more than 50% of people, who visit websites are on their mobile phone, so keep that in mind while designing your strategy.

Target them visually

No one is going to read long boring paragraphs when it comes to marketing. So, what could possibly be a marketing hit in masses? Just make it more interesting and graphical!
Add images, videos and make your social media interesting to a point that your visitors are intrigued to check out your products.

Mobile marketing statistics: more than 80% of people are likely to interact with your website after looking at your social media.

Text messaging works!

When you send them a message, they read it!
Hence, as a mobile marketing strategy, you can use text messages effectively. This will get your brand a reach to the majority of potential consumers.

Marketing tip: offer them discounts! This strategy is more likely to work with mobile marketing

Appropriate content

Other than having a mobile responsive website, you also need to have content that is suitable for mobile phones. The users who use the internet with their mobile phones like to see the information that is precise and gives them the message fully without putting much effort.
So, try to incorporate more images and videos to keep it interesting for them.

Social media marketing strategy

To use social media for your marketing, you need effective advertisement.
Put ads on your social media platforms and use it to get reviews from your consumers. This will help you improve your performance also.

All these strategies are going to help you construct a comprehensive marketing strategy that works on mobile phone consumers.

Here is a list of some other techniques that you can apply to get more solid results:

  • Get mobile responsive web designs
  • Do marketing based on your location
  • Add voice search optimisation
  • Opt-in forms
  • Hyperlocal targeting
  • Augmented reality
  • Vertical video
  • Animations
  • Target Bing consumers
  • Target Yahoo

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