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We created Portland Print website for the University of Nottingham
to enable them to provide a fast and robust print service
to their students in a fast-paced environment.

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Portland print is an online print store for University of Nottingham Student Union (UoNSU). There was already an existing website that provided the print services; however, it did not have all the functionality that UoNSU needed. Therefore, UonSU commissioned Intelicle to develop a brand-new web solution that satisfied a host of requirements. The system required quote generation, invoicing after printing, order management including delivery and collection, student discounts, cross-department charging and complex pricing structure around print addons. Finally, the print solution also needed a modern, attractive and user-friendly design.

Portlant Solutions

Portland Print Solution

We had an option to provide a bespoke print solution such as Inteleprint or a WordPress solution. After analysing the requirements, budget and delivery time frames, we had decided to go down the WordPress route. Consequently, we created a custom WordPress plugin to support the bespoke nature of UoNSU requirements. Our custom WordPress plugin allowed easy management of inventory, pricing and orders.

As with any website, UI/UX (User Interface/experience) aspects of the web design were at the forefront throughout the development process. Furthermore, the responsiveness of the website was also of paramount importance as most of the students will be using the system using mobile devices. The final solution was an attractive, easy to use and responsive website that is currently used by thousands of Nottingham University students.

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The University of Nottingham were thrilled with the final solution as it satisfied all the complex requirements at a very affordable price when compared to the alternative quotes that they had received. One of the primary measures of success of the project is if the client recommends the web development and design agency or if they commission more projects with the same agency. To that effect, UoNSU hired Intelicle again after the delivery of Portland Print to deliver Portland Clothing project that sells university branded products to both the students and the public.

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