How To Select An SEO Agency | 5 Things To Consider

Considering to get your SEO done by professionals? Here’s is what you need to see in an SEO agency.

With an immense amount of spam and shady companies socialising online, it can be daunting and frustrating to find the right SEO agency. After all, search engine optimisation is a long-term investment and can impact on your web presence depending on how you process your strategy, so do your due diligence before selecting a company for handling your SEO. We have arranged five essential things that you need to look out for when considering an SEO agency.

Accurate Offerings

If it sounds too good to be real, it possibly is. Always search for companies who are offering realistic results rather than just guaranteeing something that is not possible within a month. SEO is a continuous process, and nobody can guarantee rankings 100% since the Google algorithms are beyond anybody’s control. Any promises for instant rankings should immediately ring a bell in your head.


It’s a great idea to see how long the company has been working in this business. The longer a company has been working in the field shows the level of their experience. Companies that have worked with a wide range of clients and across many industries and know what works and what doesn’t.

Case Studies

Any professional SEO agency will provide you with the case studies as this helps build a trust factor among both parties. The case studies will highlight their work and build a solid example of their experience and performance validating their skill and expertise. Case studies are evidence of the company’s ability to give good results, so make sure the company you are selecting can offer you such results.


While there is no proper “SEO Certification”, there are some usual certifications that many SEO agencies hold for PPC and Analytics. Yahoo, Google and Bing all have their particular certifications for PPC and companies who own these certifications have proven their knowledge of every search engine’s advertisement.

White-Hat Practices

Before hiring the agency you have selected, do ask them what type of strategies they are using and ask them to explain it to you in terms that you understand. Any plan that seems to be strange or unethical should be a red flag. Ethical companies will have no problem in answering your questions and clearing you the details of their strategy so that there are no doubts about their practices.

While SEO can be an overwhelming subject if it is unfamiliar to you, it is best that you get some basic knowledge about it before you search for a prospective SEO agency.

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