6 SEO Content Writing Tips – Unique Content is Critical to Outrank Your Competitors

If you are into marketing of your business through writing, you might have heard about “SEO” as it is a major part of marketing strategy. Content and SEO go hand in hand and that makes SEO content writing an essential part of ranking and ultimately generating revenue from your digital business.

Did You Know?
75% of the clicks are concentrated on the top 5 searches.
So, what is the point of producing all the content that is not SEO optimised and doesn’t reach the audience?

We all have heard the phrase ‘content in king’. But what does it actually mean? What does content have to do with the performance of your site and its ranking? Well, SEO is the basic key to get your website reach the target audience and the right content can make it happen.

Essential Points of Influential SEO Content Writing

With 2021 almost over, businesses have been suffering a lot due to the pandemic and increasing marketing budget might not be an option for many. To get it on track, small digital business owners can work on refining the content on their websites while keeping the latest SEO writing trends in focus. The time has changed and those following the marketing strategies of last decade can’t compete for the market effectively.

At the present time, SEO is all about the use of content marketing services. It’s not hard to learn how to write SEO content. Here are some tips you need to follow for performing effective SEO content writing.  

1. You Need Strong Keyword Research for SEO Content Writing

An SEO expert knows that the fate of your website ranking revolves around good keyword research. You need to keep a balance between the keywords that are always popular and the ones that are trending now but keep the ratio right.

It would be 80% evergreen keywords and 20% trending keywords for a perfect balance in SEO content writing. You have to perform your research and choose the keywords that would be helpful for your target audience and solve their problems. Keep an eye on the trending keywords and choose wisely.

Interesting Fact
29.13% of the high-volume keywords comprise of three words.

Some Tips for Keyword Research

  • There might be some trendy keywords that would be converted into long-lasting ones and your content will rank better.
  • Target your keyword research towards the buyer’s persona because after all the main purpose is to sell.
  • Don’t run after volume if you blog consistently because low ranking keywords can also help you convert and the competition is lower.
  • Monitor and analyse the performance of your keywords and if the performance is low, a little swap of words might be helpful for ranking.
  • Use related keywords in your SEO friendly content as well to show the intention of your post to Google.

2. Take Your Time on a Perfect Title

Here you have a limited number of words but a larger impact to make and you need to be smart. Write 2-3 titles and choose the one that defines your content perfectly. It should be like a summary of your whole content and for the right SEO, you need to keep the keyword placement right. Try to keep the keyword at the beginning of the title and make sure it’s catchy. It would be even better if you can incorporate another supporting keyword into it. You need to determine the link between content marketing and SEO to create high-quality content that ranks.

Checklist for SEO-Friendly Title

  • Strike emotions and write the title for humans. 
  • Keep it precise and an accurate summary of your SEO friendly content.
  • Try to make it as unique as possible.
  • Make sure your title is sensible and descriptive.
  • Use numbers in your title.
Smart Tip
There are 12% to 25% more chances to get a click with a number in your title.
E.g., Instead of writing ‘How to Write SEO Content?’, you can go ‘6 SEO Content Writing Tips for You.’

3. Determine Search Intent and Show It Through SEO Content Writing

When you are writing content to boost SEO, you must make sure that it fulfils the search intent. It is the basic element of your content marketing campaign to understand what your user is searching for and how would you provide the information in your SEO friendly writing. It depends upon your keyword, format, message you want to convey, services you provide and your call-to-action. The user intent can be broken down into four types.

· Informational Search Intent

This is when the user is on your site for information. You can use the words such as a guide, tutorial, top, best, and tips in the title.

· Navigational Search Intent

This is where the user is here to get on a specific website or page. Here you need to use the name of the product or services location such as SEO agency Nottingham.

· Commercial Search Intent

This is where the user is looking for their options to purchase. You can create guides for the best or cheapest products or services.

· Transactional Search Intent

The user is here to purchase from you and you can add your call to action at the end or middle while converting the user with your SEO friendly content.

4. Focus on Readability and Content Structure

Who would like to read a long piece of text? Probably no one. You must focus on the structure while crafting your SEO content so the reader can easily skim through it and get the crux. High-quality content is defined by a refined structure and that makes a difference.

Study Shows
36% of content with H2 and H3 are more likely to attract traffic and generate backlinks and shares.

Tips to Improve Readability

  • Add a table of contents before a long article.
  • Use attractive headings, bullet points and bold for important points.
  • Keep your sentences and paragraphs shorter and only keep one idea in one paragraph.

5. Add Visuals to Create SEO Friendly Content

Your SEO content writing services might not work as effectively without a visual effect in your content. It is really important to attract the user and grab their attention towards pictures, videos, infographics or graphs. Eye-catching images can change the game of your SEO content writing while delivering value to your reader. Such relevant and engaging content can win you backlinks as well. The best part is that you can add alt descriptions to your pictures and videos and they can get you ranked on the images section of Google, attracting more traffic.

Important Tip
If you optimise your old content and add new visuals, it can increase your organic traffic by 106%.

6. Keep it Unique

Last but certainly not the least, keep an element of your own business in your SEO content writing. You can follow all the trends but losing the sense of your business type is not what you should go for. Build a personality in your content and make sure to depict it. Personalise the experience for your users and make a difference for them. Your uniqueness will turn the algorithms in your favour so don’t follow the trends like crazy. Keep an element of yourself and the spirit of your business in our content.

Final Word

SEO content writing is a basic step towards getting your website ranked and generating quality traffic. This is not the age of fluff content because now even the way you back your keyword matters. Getting effective SEO services can increase your chance of reaching out to your target audience and getting more conversions. A well-crafted search engine optimised content can be your chance to shine bright and show the world what you got but appearing on top searches. That is where you earn all the clicks that can later lead to conversions.

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