Why Is There So Much Conflicting SEO Advice?

Have you ever tried to contact an SEO experts organisation or attempted to enhance your SEO efforts with advice online? If so, then you’ve likely been astounded by how clashing in advice you’ve heard.

One article says it’s all about the number of backlinks you have. Another report says it’s about the quality, not quantity that matters. One company says it can get you to the number one of Google for £500 per-month. Another company thinks you may not arrive there by any stretch of the imagination, even at £2,000 per-month. One examination suggests that keywords are waning in significance. Another article shows keywords are more essential ever currently and deserve all of your time and attention.

If you’re an entrepreneur or pioneer, you likely aren’t a specialist in SEO strategies. So then, how will you ever settle on the right strategy with so much clashing data to deal with?

In this article, we will take a look at why you hear so much clashing advice. In an upcoming article we will look in better detail at how to settle on the right choice for your SEO.

Puzzle Is Built Into SEO

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Google and other web crawlers rank site pages based on their own unique programming. These incorporate a complicated mess of recipes that assess the quality and substance of the given page. Then they link this back to the given enquiries.

These algorithms are shrouded in secrecy. This makes sense, otherwise anyone could create websites that rank highly as possible and the entire system would break down. Without these algorithms, search results would bring up irrelevant websites that just happen to please the crawlers best.

This means that SEO experts are always having to test their own theories about how to achieve the best rankings. They come up with a theory, run some tests and conclude. Given the mysterious nature of Googles web crawlers, its easy to understand how two SEO experts can come to two very different conclusions about the same question.

Both experts may be intelligent and base their tests on sound reasoning, yet still come back with different results. This is because they don’t know all the facts to start with.

Search Engine Optimisation Is Always Changing

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Not only are these algorithms shrouded in secrecy, but they’re also constantly being updated and altered. This is to continually optimise the experience of their users.

This means that Best Practices are constantly changing also. If you find an article on Best SEO Practices from five years ago, it may have been correct at the time. It may however be entirely wrong today. If you’re looking at older articles for your answers, then the SEO practices you find could end up hurting your business rather than helping it.

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Theory And Practice Don’t Always Agree

Following on from the previous points, you may read a sensible and theoretically reasonable SEO practice. However, when you put it into practice, you may find that it is entirely incorrect. Every SEO Expert business has a story of following some Best Practices from Google themselves, only to find that they didn’t experience the results they were expecting.

An Excessive Number Of Variables

Imagine a scenario in which you went to a Doctor concerning a sore throat. Imagine now that the Doctor stated, “A sore throat? Here’s a solution. I offer this to everyone with a sore throat.”

This would likely concern you, if not outright scare you. A sore throat can be caused by many issues: Smoking, a cold, dry weather etc. Being given a solution without the Doctor examining you is surely not the best way to handle the situation?

Well web design enhancement is the exactly the same. There are no icky sore throats to handle, no. But there are always issues that require a lot of consideration before finding the right answer. No two websites are the same, and no two will require exactly the same answer to handle any issue. A lack of traffic to three websites, A and B, cannot all be handled the same way. Website A may need a more refined keyword research, whilst website B may be fine with its current set and actually require better content writing.

Any SEO strategy can therefore be a great system overall, and still be the wrong thing for your business.

Strange Motives

Until this point we’ve discussed good SEO experts who are either misguided or right in theory instead of practice. What about, however, those companies that are less interested in helping you than in helping themselves? These are the trolls of the SEO world. By offering bad advice, it may mean that they rank better. Or, it may be just because they rather like giving our incorrect advice to strangers online.

These kinds of users do exist on the internet, though they are thankfully not the more popular kind of user. As such, it can be a great idea to check the credentials of any so-called SEO expert you are considering following the advice of first.

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