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You worked had to make a brilliant social media campaign, now you are thinking about engagement? You don’t know how many people will engage in it. One must understand the right timings for posting on social media and turn a few clicks into hundreds. This insight regarding the best time to post on social media will give you a bright idea to it.

And if you think the best time to share content across the network is same – you are badly mistaken. Audiences vary per network and per industry. Managing these platforms takes far more knowledge than just a few guesses.

There is no magical timing of the day that solves your publishing problems. Most of the social media agency managers don’t realise that in SMM timing is the essence. We worked with our marketing team at Intelicle – Digital Marketing Agency Nottingham to extract this valuable information from our clients. Our data displayed when Intelicle’s customer’s profiles were engaged with the most across all the leading networks.

Here a list of all major networks that need to use for social media marketing:

  • Best times to post on Facebook
  • Best times to post on Instagram
  • Best times to post on LinkedIn
  • Best times to post on Twitter

Best Times To Post On Facebook

For now, let’s concentrate on Facebook – it is one of the most popular networks on a social media platform.

The small answer to the big question is the ideal time for posting on Facebook is 12 pm – 1 pm on Saturday and Sunday, and 12 pm – 4 pm on Thursday and Friday and 3 pm on Wednesday. If you want a high number of shares the best way is to post on 9 am 1 pm or 3 pm.

best day for facebook

Best Days To Share: Thursday & Friday

The best days to share are Thursday and Friday as the week is getting over and everyone is feeling excited and happy. Not only does the Fridays account for most comment and shares and likes, but they also show the highest happiness index of any day of the week at 10%.

User engagement is high on Fridays and notably better for brands, but Thursdays are close to second.

Any social media agency Nottingham based who is a genuine marketing agency will know how to do your marketing the right way.

Best Times To Post On Instagram

To be honest, the best time to post on Instagram is 2 AM. That is shocking right!

While it is hard to believe, the most mentioned posting time is to optimise the engagement with your brand is 2 AM. I know you must be thinking only those who have a nasty breakup are checking Instagram at 2 AM this is not entirely true.

The trick is everyone is posting on Instagram during the day, so your content has fewer chances to be liked and shared if you catch your competitions sleeping, however, your Instagram posts will gain more grip and likes.

best day for instagram

Best Days To Share: Wednesday

Wednesday is the middle of the week, and it’s also the peak day to post on Instagram if you are looking for more comments and likes. And no wonder, Friday is just a day away and everyone wants to have gorgeous shots of them through the week.

Best Times To Post On Linkedin

What is the ideal time to post on LinkedIn? 12 PM

That’s right.

Like Facebook, LinkedIn traffic peaks up during the lunchtimes and the week and drops off after work and over the weekend. LinkedIn is a platform I would not want to check over the weekend, and that is the mentality of most of the people.

Whatever reason you are posting for the best time is to do it at noon and during the lunch hours because that’s the time when most people want to see what’s happening on LinkedIn.

best day for linkedin

Best Days To Share: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

People are more interested in updating their professional network during the week as more people use LinkedIn during business hours. However, some posts shared on Friday and Monday don’t get as much engagement as they get in the middle of the week.

Best Times To Post On Twitter

The ideal time to post on Twitter is 12 PM.

Twitter is ideal for serving tasty little-sized nuggets of content when people get a break from their workdays. Keeping that in mind, the user engagement of brands tweets are high in engagement during the noon while everyone is out for lunch or from 5 pm to 6 pm, right after people log out from their jobs.

best day for twitter

Best Days To Post: Wednesday, Thursday

If you are looking to reach out B2B, putting out content on Twitter during the work week is the best bet you can place. Twitter engagement and usage are high on Wednesdays and Thursdays remember that before you make your next post.

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