Furniture Villa Rocks Their New Look With A Stunning Website Design

A stunning website design can make a massive difference to your business and can make your online presence better than before.

The Brief & Vision:

Furniture Villa came to us looking for a fresh website with an innovative look that could reflect their modern furniture design. Furniture Villa had a vast range of furniture designs, but their website was outdated and didn’t convey the correct message.

The Furniture Villa brand needed website development badly. They knew what their digital presence was and how it needed to be worked on. Intelicle worked on a elegant, modern web design because their furniture products were of paramount importance that needed to be highlighted in the right way.

The main focus was to:

  • Rank Furniture Villa as a top-notch furniture brand.
  • Encourage customers to search products on offer, learn more about them, buy products and leave reviews.
  • Inspire customers to interact with the Furniture Villa online and get involved with the brand in building a community of similar customers.
  • Help in promoting the credibility, trustworthiness, fun and friendliness of the business and team behind Furniture Villa.

stunning website design

About Furniture Villa

Furniture Villa has years of experience in providing beautiful, sleek and modern furniture designs for personal and professional use.

Furniture Villa strives to offer the best furniture regarding design and durability for your house. They focus on the quality of wood for their furniture and are more interested in providing a brand that has their aim on sleek and modern designs. While they also provide interesting advice and guides in their blog section.

Furniture Villa is a UK based brand. It offers their products all over the UK and has a quick and robust client responding time.

How We Helped Furniture Villa

When it came down to creating a new website for Furniture Villa, it was a bit tricky. We spent a lot of time with the developer’s team to create an exciting user experience (UX). This meant ensuring that the website was bright, engaging and allowed the users to find all the information they wanted.

As a subtle feel was essential to reflect the brand and catch the Furniture Villas target customers, clean typography was one of the main ingredients in their remodeling.

The design aspects let us develop a high-end website that would attract a huge amount of organic traffic and inspire more changes.

The website has a range of leading features, which made them stand out from the competition, such as:

  • Blog: To encourage the customers to interact with the Furniture Villa brand, we created their blog section, which allows users to read and view articles that answered their queries regarding furniture and home improvement.
  • Website Design: We created the picture-perfect look for the website, renovating an unresponsive, old-fashioned web presence into an available and user-friendly website.
  • Search: We made the search functionality easy on the Furniture Villa website, where the user can either search the site by a keyword or catchphrase by a specific product category, helping the user tailor their experience and save time.

What They Said  

“I’m so happy with the website and the overall look of Furniture Villa website. The website is everything that I wanted when reflecting the Furniture Villa brand: it’s colourful, interactive, fun and user-friendly. It’s easy to understand and navigate the website. The feedback we have received from our clients so far is great. We are ready to dominate the world of online furniture.”

Stunning Website Design

stunning website design

Take A Look

Curious? Have a look at their stunning website design created by our expert website development team.

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