The Best Photoshop Plugins For The Web Designers To Use In 2020

Adobe Photoshop is an extremely valuable and useful tool for web designers, especially if they have the best Photoshop plugins installed to support their workflow. Some will help you bridge the gap between your code and Photoshop while others will speed up or automate tedious tasks, allowing you to concentrate on things that need more attention.

Both visual designers and web designers mostly use Photoshop to:

  • Manage colours
  • Convert their PSD design into CSS and HTML files
  • Speed up their workflow
  • Add imagery and custom fonts to their design

There are plenty of paid and free Photoshop plugins available in the market for web designers. However, selecting the one that suits you the most would require you to do some research. This is where I come in. I have compiled a list of some of the very best Photoshop plugins for you that will help web design and development agencies save time, boost productivity and infuse their websites with the perfect visual appeal.

1. GuideGuide

It is one of the best free Photoshop plugins, with it you will be able to create grid systems in the Photoshop documents with ease. It offers you pixel accurate midpoints, rows and columns that allow you to create your baselines with the single click. This amazing plugin is compatible with Photoshop CC, CS6 and CS5.

2. Codly

Most web designers have expressed a concern that Photoshop requires them to code everything at some stage. With Codly, you will have one less thing to worry about. It will code your PS doc automatically and by doing so turn it into a usable mobile design for BlackBerry, Windows 10, Android XML, and iOS

3. Ditto

This plugin will allow you to use variables for various elements such as visibility, x/y positioning, line heights, font sizes, text strings and colours. If you want to keep your variables updated while editing the PSD file then you should have Ditto installed in your PC.

4. Ink

If I ever got the opportunity to write a blog on the best free Photoshop plugins in the world, I will place Ink on number one position. This amazing Photoshop Plugin will allow you to stroke effects, document typography and generate an XML file among many other things.

All you have to do is select the layer you wish to document and start adding the information that you wish to convey to your developers. In simple words, this Plugin allows you to communicate your design with ease by generating full specification such as dimensions, layer styles and text formatting.

Most web design agencies use it to enhance collaboration and bridge the gap between their web design & development agencies.

5. Eye Candy 7

This powerful plugin will help you create sleek effects like reptile skin, smoke, chrome, fire, and animal fur with ease. Anyone with basic knowledge can use this plugin to create these effects.

6. Swatchy

It is an elegant and simple Plugin for Adobe Photoshop that empowers you to organise colour swatches into different folders. This gives you easy and safe access to your preview colours and colour schemes. You may then choose those swatches as background or foreground colours any time you want.

7. Duplllicator

With duplllicator, you need not worry about copying and pasting at all as it will duplicate your groups and layers automatically. Let’s say you have a group or layer that you want to move, clone or duplicate, all this plugin requires you to do is dial in the number of pixels to shift it horizontally or vertically, allowing you to finish this somewhat tedious task in a matter of seconds.


This user-friendly cloud-based Photoshop plugin will help you convert your layers to CSS3. Most of the bug-fixes and updates are transparent to the users because all of the calculations are made in the cloud.

You won’t even have to refresh the plugin in order to use any other feature. Its users will not only be able to view the results in their web browsers but share them with their colleagues as well.

9. Fluid Mask 3

It is one of the best Photoshop plugins in the world. You can use it to perform cutouts and remove backgrounds. The art of making a layer or even a part of it invisible is called masking. It is a very difficult and delicate process.

This plugin will help you mask difficult areas like fur and hair with ease and precision. Even though it will cost you about £75, its ability to simplify painstaking tasks, blend layers and detect edges makes it worth every penny.

10. Prisma

The web designers have the tendency to experiment with their colours scheme, which requires them to make a lot of changes. For instance, if you’re planning to switch from yellow to green, it will require you to change the colour of your links, accent borders, and buttons to green. This is where Prisma comes in. It enables you to connect layers, synchronise colours across numerous PSD files and colour them in bulk.

It also allows you to share your customised swatches with your colleagues. It offers you 4 shareable URLs that transform your project colours into Stylus variables, Less, SCSS and Sass to display it in the web browser.

The best thing about this Photoshop plugin is that it’s free and it works on both Windows and Mac.

11. Pixel2Vector

With this impressive plugin, you will be able to transform a pixel graphic of any size into a scalable vector shape with just a single click. You can then edit that vector like any other shape in any way you want with ease.

All of the above-mentioned Photoshop plugins will prove to be of great value for both experienced and new web designers and give their workflows a much-needed impetus. I’m sure you will have enjoyed this piece on the best Photoshop plugins for web designers. Please leave us a suggestion in the comments section if you feel we have left out on an important tool.

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