The Best UI Kits To Use In 2020

Many UI kits come with built-in templates, layouts, icons and elements that will help web designers save a lot of time; especially the ones who want to create intuitive and slick interfaces with efficiency.

Most of these kits offer a series of elements that allow you to convey the functionality and purpose of your site with the help of a framework that helps developers underpin the layout of their websites.

These kits will not only help streamline the web development process but will also ensure that your website is fully functional and looks aesthetically appealing.

While developing a website, developers come across several mundane repetitive tasks, which they would love to avoid. Therefore, I’ve rounded up some of the very best UI kits that would help the web design and development agencies move faster and cut through the noise.

Make Your Life Easier By Making Good Use Of These Popular UI Kits

UI Kits

Almost Flat UI

UI kit

‏This foundation framework based UI kit is not only easy to use but offers you refined functionality as well. It doesn’t even require you to develop an aesthetic approach or implement SaaS. It also comes with a chain of useful widgets like tooltips, alerts, tabs, breadcrumbs and CSS panels


UI Kits

This particular UI kit offers you a bundle of content category modules and UI elements. A developer can use this kit to create functional, responsive, contemporary websites.

All of its enclosed layouts and elements are in compliance with the modern web design trends.

This kit is based on Sketch, which happens to be quite popular among the modern web designers. The extensive collection of 200+ layouts is probably the biggest advantage offered by limitless as it gives you a visual idea before you continue designing your website.


web design

It will prove to be the perfect UI kit for all kinds and sizes of web design projects. It is even perfect for designing a mobile app for a big e-commerce site.

It not only comes with an extensive range of app-focused and SaaS (software as a service) landing pages but with a library of ready to use components and interface kits too.

Thanks to the built-in global colour swatches, you can easily:

  • Apply unique colours of your brand on the site
  • Test different looks
  • Tweak the colours of your website

INK v2

UI Kits

INK v2 focuses primarily on the responsive layout and design of the website. You may choose to reformat its elements in accordance with the display’s size. INK is based on LESS; therefore, in order to make the most of this amazing kit, the developers will need to have a solid command over this particular framework.



This kit is not only easy to append, easy to customise but lightweight as well. It has a modular structure that allows you to create elements with reusable classes.

You will be able to structure your webpage without having to roll out your own font stacks and code your own grid. It also comes with a built-in icon set that can be incorporated into a webpage with the help of a web font.

Its components allow you to embed everything from breadcrumbs to upload fields with ease.


design of 2020

This amazing UI kit comes with many built-in, handcrafted components that will help you improve the speed of your web design. It features:

  • Simple and appealing interface
  • Colourful and modern landing pages
  • 80+ layouts
  • Diverse icon settings
  • Easily customisable templates
  • Extensive collection of joyful and interactive elements


best UI kits

Avo offers you a set of practical UI elements that include:

  • Footers
  • Navigational items
  • Content cards

Avo’s animated buttons are most popular among web designers. Choosing to add them on the website can really punch up the design of your site. 

You will have to write some custom code for these buttons if you want to add them on your site. However, you must not worry about it as Avo will make it easy for you to incorporate them by walking you through the entire process.


web design projects

Pure comes with responsive and small CSS modules that offer you an extensive range of elements and styles. It is lightweight as well.

Pure is developed on the YUI library (Yahoo) that infuses it with maturity and stability.

Error Illustrations

web design company

This kit was created using Photoshop and Sketch. You can make your web interaction and app look more intuitive and interesting with this kit.

All of its illustrations come in vector shapes and are 100% customisable. Furthermore, web design & development agencies can choose to alter their size and colour in order to meet the requirements of the clients.

It features:

  • Free fonts
  • 32 screens – 11 for websites and 21 for mobile phones
  • A set of customisable vectors
  • Suitable for Photoshop and Sketch


best UI

HitApp is one of those UI kits that have been designed specifically for the app landing pages. You cannot ask for a better option than this one if you are running an app development company or a SaaS company.

A set of pre-designed elements will make it easy for you to set up landing pages of your app.

MetroStyle Web UI

Kit UI

Just as its name implies, this UI kit copies the design aesthetics of MS windows. It offers its users a set of functional yet simple styles, grids and widgets.



One cannot overlook the quality of the code. It is very important for a web page to load quickly even from the SEO perspective. Topcoat’s framework takes precedence over the other UI kits as far as the overall performance of a website is concerned.

The easy to read CSS and HTML will make it very easy for you to customise the design of your site.

You should use Topcoat if you are on a lookout for a fast loading layout and your sole focus is on:

  • Performance
  • Loading speed

Material Design UI Kit

Material Design UI Kit

In 2014, Google published a set of web design practices known as material design. The sole focus of this UI kit is on the usability of a website.

If the focus of your web design is on usability, I will recommend the use of this kit. It has all the elements you need including typographic sets and nav drivers.

It features:

  • 3 templates
  • 2 customised plugins
  • Large scale typography
  • 60 components
  • A set of JavaScript components along with navigation and notification elements


timber kit

This UI kit is a flexible, simple and elegant component-based template. Its focus on lead generation makes it a perfect choice for both fast-growing and start-up businesses. It features a number of well-designed micro-interactions and effective CTAs.

I’m sure you would have enjoyed reading this blog on the best UI kits for web designers. Feel free to leave a comment if you did.

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