9 Simple But Important Things To Remember About PPC Audit

Managing a paid marketing campaign can be a tough nut to crack. To achieve the desired results you constantly need to make innovations to your PPC account and adopt useful strategies. One such strategy is to conduct PPC audit to optimise your Google Ads account (Google AdWords account). The best practice is to conduct this audit after every 6 months regularly or when you are about to start a new account.  

Experts suggest that conducting pay-per-click audit for even few minutes can highlight significant bugs in your campaigns.  

Here, an important question arises which needs to be addressed.  

What Is A PPC Audit & Why Is It Necessary?

Well, you must have heard the phrase, there is always room for improvement.  

That sentiment can be applied to PPC campaign. The pay-per-click audit is a process of diving into your account to highlight the areas which need more efforts for better performance.  

Now, why is it necessary to regularly conduct pay-per-click audit? 

There are many uses of periodically conducting audits 

  • It provides you with useful insights into how the audience is engaging with your ad. 
  • Periodically conducting audits also gives you an idea about what to implement for optimisation of your PPC performance.  
  • It gives you detailed analytics when you take on a previously existing Google Ads account.  

Today we will discuss simple yet important things to remember before performing an audit.  

However, if you don’t have the time to conduct audit yourself, use the services of a pay-per-click agency. In this way, you can get fresh eyes to assess your campaign  

Some Crucial Tips For A Successful Audit 

You must be sure of one thingno PPC account is 100% perfect. You can always make improvements. 

We have enlisted 7 most important tips to remember when you are about to start an audit.  

Tip#1 Always Check The Account History  

Several PPC audit guides also recommend following this rule when you are auditing your account.  

  • Always start your audit by scanning account history because it shows the performance of your account.  
  • In history, always check whether the last change you made in your account has produced any effect or not. In this way, you can easily evaluate the performance of your account. 

Important Note: Never conduct an audit within 3 months of introducing a significant change to your account.  

Tip#2 Always Track Your Conversions  

One of the most crucial elements iPPC audit checklist is keeping track your conversions.  

  • It is mostly neglected by many digital marketers and can be the biggest loophole in your PPC campaign.  
  • Without keeping track of your records, you can never know whether your efforts are paying off or not.  

And without knowing this how can you make improvements in your account?  

Therefore, if you were not tracking your conversions before then start implementing the conversion tracking code. 

Tip#3 Assess The Quality Score 

Always assess the quality score for expected CTR through Ads when you are conducting PPC audit 

  • It reflects the relevancy of your keywords and landing page.  
  • It helps you in identifying the non-performing keywords that have a quality score of less than 5. 
  • Adopt significant strategies to improve the QS and get more traffic for the money you have spent.  

Read more: Best Tips For Increasing Your Google AdWords Quality Score 

Tip#4 Keep On Reviewing Targeting Settings

 Targeting settings of any PPC account can have a profound impact on its performance. Any minor mistake in these settings can cost you a downfall in your campaign. Therefore, you need to keep a check on these settings.  

If you are given a new PPC account to handle, then make sure to review the targeting settings. It will give you insights on how it was being managed previously. Or if the old settings making any sense to the business? Some important elements to check are:  

  • Network Settings  
  • Mobile Bid Adjustments  
  • Targeted Locations 

However, if you are not sure how to update these changes yourself then you can hire expert digital marketing services 

Tip#5 Check Your Click Through Rate   

Another major tip while conducting an audit is to examine your click-through rate (CTR). It will give you a clear idea about the current ratio of number of clicks obtained to the number of the times your ad was displayed.  

  • By reviewing your CTR you can examine the relevancy of your ad text.  
  • If your CTR goes down then it means your ad text is not relevant to the search terms.  
  • Ultimately it will affect your ad rank and your profit will be minimised.  

Therefore, we will suggest you to profoundly examine your CTR while auditing your PPC account. 

Tip#6 Set Your Negative Keywords 

 If you were not focusing on this particular aspect then it is the right time to converge all your efforts towards negative keywords.  

  • Negative keywords can save you from the clicks and impressions of irrelevant searches.  
  • Make a list of keywords on which you do not want to display your ads and set them as negatives.  
  • If there are negative keywords already added then critically review them.  
  • Make sure that no negative keywords are blocking the impression of your keywords.  

Tip#7 Review Your Performing Keywords 

It is wise to check the performance of your keywords before you eliminate or pause them during PPC audit 

  • Check the performance report of your keywords to highlight the possibly valuable keywords.  
  • Sometimes, wellperforming keywords get eliminated incorrectly. So, filter out the deleted keywords.  
  • Review the list and see which keywords have generated more than 1 conversions.  
  • Use these keywords again to add more value to your account.  

Tip#8 Review The No. Of Active Ad Groups 

Whenever you think of auditing your pay-per-click account, check the number of active ad groups.  

  • The number of enabled ad groups determines the optimisation of your account.  
  • Enabling only one ad group is not a recommended practice.  
  • Therefore, always use two to three variations in each ad group.  
  • It helps you in testing and doing experiments with your ads until you find the winning combination.  

Tip#9 Check Your Targeted Location Settings 

ppc audit report

It is better to keep checking your targeting location settings during audits. A quick check that whether your campaign is targeting all the desired locations or not never hurts.  

  • This quick review enables you to cover all significant locations that are important for your business.   
  • Be very careful that no target location has been missed out from your campaign. 
  • For this purpose, you can start with large geo catchment.  

All these tips and the benefits associated with them clearly depict that PPC auditing is an important phenomenon for a successful campaign. There are many professional agencies working out there to help you run your PPC campaigns. Intelicle is one such reputable PPC agency that strives to optimise the growth of your business through its extensive digital marketing expertise.  

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