Valentine Day SEO: Why You Should Use Seasonal SEO

A quick question – Have you prepared anything for the valentine day? Do you have any plans? In this post, I am not talking about how to plan a perfect valentine night with your partner, but I’m talking something that will attract marketers and influences on how to make use of seasonal SEO for your business.

Seasonal SEO

People are usually searching for information online, but the number of searches regarding seasonal events is reaching the sky like – Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

Seasonality is all about the variation in the way people use the search engines throughout the year. Seasonal search engine optimization focuses on optimizing your website for seasonal keywords and their differences, to get better exposure in the SERPs during a specific time frame.

Doing proper season SEO keyword research can give you another great keywords associated with that particular date. Why not use it then? Seasonal SEO is an excellent chance for every business to increase awareness about their brand and services and increase their sales.

How To Make Use Of Valentine Day SEO In Your Strategy

Plan In Advance

Preparation is the main point of success in using seasonal SEO as a part of marketing strategy. If you want to appear in the Google and get some more traffic to your website, it’s best that you plan. Trying to rank for a keyword just before the big day will end up missing the big wave of the seasonal traffic.

Prepare A List Of Seasonal Event Over The Year

If you have a proper schedule for publishing, then try to plan the content of your seasonal event in advance. Valentine Day SEO is just another example.

Know Your Keywords

Like said earlier, proper keyword research is essential. The more time it takes, the more good keywords and content ideas you can generate. It is a good practice to have some inventory of their variations and other keywords, rather than a single piece of content.

Create Relevant Content

If you have prepared a list of keyword, it doesn’t mean that you will create a set of look-alike websites, generic, targeted for different key phrases. More content is not always the solution. To make the most of the seasonal events think about quality over quantity.

Create A List Of Seasonal SEO Events

Every field has their peak seasons, and once you are aware of them and how to make correct use of these opportunities and trends, you will be able to create landing pages and content around them and optimize your web pages to reflect those particular events.

Try to prepare a list of seasonal opportunities. You can start with this little help:

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Easter Season
  • Father’s Day
  • Summer holiday season
  • Graduation Season
  • Back to school season
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve

Once the season is over, don’t delete those pages, and leave them as it is. They will work for themselves all through the year till the next season comes. You can refresh the content of those pages from time to time, add new offers or elements. This is highly recommended to be done just before the next season starts.

If I missed anything, feel free to share your thoughts regarding seasonal SEO and marketing.

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