Web design trends 2021: A guideline to create innovative designs

Web design plays a vital role in establishing consumer trust and in 2021 following the web design trends is more important than ever. When customers visit your website, they not only look for good content and positive reviews but also expect engaging web designs. The design of your website builds a good or bad first impression of your products and services.

Devising a web design inspiration from the latest website trends is always the smart thing for you to do. Before having a discussion about future of web design and how to stay up to date in 2021, let’s have a look at previous website design trends that are no longer in demand as these will help you make an informed decision about do’s and don’ts of web designing in 2021.

Outdated web design trends  

outdated web designs

Here we will share some of those website trends that have died for good.

Artificial animated designs

In 2021 we are saying goodbye to flashy web designs and shiny buttons. They were part of website design for a long time but now they have died a natural death. They are not in web design trends anymore due to a number of reasons.

They were hard to modify and took a lot of time to load. Also, these designs needed plugin updates regularly. And most importantly they were not mobile-friendly. All of these reasons made it hard for this trend to endure.

Fancy page divider

Another trend element of old websites was the use of a designed divider. It was put in place of a simple plain divider and was a trend in website design for a long time. It is no longer an exercise due to change in design practices that came with CSS. Its main setback was that it used to distract visitors from reading the actual content of the website.

Photoshopped buttons

The use of over-the-top fancy buttons as part of website design trends. It was abolished with time because it was really hard to make any changes to these buttons since the text was written on images.
With the entry of CSS3 in the website designing, this trend came to an end.

Unflattering visuals and text

We have been through the era of flat designs, which used to cause a lot of confusion regarding interactive and non-interactive elements. Another aspect was the use of static text and stock photos. We have moved past the use of limited fonts but stock photos are still a thing. You all know how boring this gets when we keep bumping into the same pictures again and again.
This is the right time to move forward and work on some inspirational web designs and get creative personalised graphics.

Useless sliders and sidebars

You have to say goodbye to sidebars that are unnecessary on that specific page. They can be used where it is necessary but not on each section. Similarly, some websites have a lot of sliders with text, which is practically useless as it makes it difficult for the user to pay attention to multiple things at once.

These were some of the points that should be kept in mind by any agency providing web development services.

Web design inspiration and its role in making money

Web design inspiration

Website design trends change drastically each year and it is really important to keep up with them. They not only allow you to establish trust among consumers but also play a key role in your sales.

Having “good website designs” not only means you have an attractive website; in fact, it works as a credibility factor in your branding. In the world of eCommerce development, your website is your business face and your profit or scalability depends on it.

So, it’s better to keep things trendy and modern as far as web design is concerned.

Future of web design

It’s about time that we start looking for web design trends in 2021 as website trends keep changing and businesses need to be able to sustain it.

Let’s discuss some of the website trends that you will encounter next year.

1. Use of 3D colour palette

“In 2021, we’ll see lots of designs like Apple’s Big Sur: juicy looking graphics, gradients, lots of shadows.” – Eduard.M

Colour use in web design has been going through a lot of changes recently. It looks like the next trend is going to be something even more evolved than gradients.

Images are going to be closer to real life.

The goal of web designers is to achieve more and more reality in the design world.

2. More digital vibrancy

In web design trends 2021, products will likely be represented digitally. Whether it is a makeup store or an online service provider, this new trend is going to represent products in a more clear and colourful way.

Another aspect of this trend is to make colours natural and easy on the eye. With the increasing use of technology, consumers spend a lot of time on their screens and this can be hard on the eyes. It calls for a change in trend and encouragement of the use of natural, light colour schemes.

This approach is not new, we are witnessing how dark mode was so popular among users, because of the same reasons. Hence this is the reason behind this web design inspiration.

“Our worlds are noisy, zoom fatigue is a thing. In 2021, web design will be stripped back to ‘one job at a time’ to avoid distraction and make interactions more comfortable.” – Claire Taylor

3. Parallax

Web centred animation is in trend for long. We have seen this change of style in past and now it will be part of website trends in 2021. This time we will witness a more complex form of animation being used.

Parallax animation is the future.

4. Use of voice

Another pinnacle of new technology to be in web design trends 2021 will be the use of voice commands. This will allow the user to instruct voice rather than typing and this will also include having chat-bots using voice and other virtual assistance based on sound.

5. Mobile-friendly technology

2021 is going to be the era of web designs that are completely mobile friendly. According to stats, the majority of users are visiting websites via their mobile phones. This means no website can do good business without this feature.

Let’s have a look into the future of web design

  • Use of gradient
  • Correct use of white space
  • Full image on home page
  • Using graphic to blend pictures
  • Use of 3d
  • Enabling dark mode
  • Use of big and bold fonts
  • Use of antique colours
  • Old school typing composition
  • The right use of visual data
  • Videos
  • Moving images
  • ‘Less is more’ approach in website designs
  • Be more interactive
  • Use of interesting questions
  • Original product designs
  • Fast loading time
  • Smart page scroll
  • Personalised chat experience
  • Good content

If you are able to pull off these requirements, there is no doubt that you can build a trendy website with innovative design and run a durable business with it.

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