9 Most Common Website Design Mistakes That You Must Avoid

We need to acknowledge the fact that websites function like digital business cards. When a person looks at a brand or service provider and wants to know more about the history, philosophy, contact options or product range of the company in question, they usually start searching the Internet and, as a general rule, find all the important information set out in a clear and structured manner on the official websites of the corresponding companies.  Therefore, web design and development agencies suggest that you take a look at the common website design mistakes disclosed in this blog so that you may avoid them. 

As a web designer, you will have to design websites for extremely demanding and impatient site visitors and this puts them under enormous pressure. In such situations, there are many possibilities for designers to make mistakes and in some cases; these mistakes go unnoticed when the website goes live. 

Sooner or later (sooner than later) those website design mistakes ruin the site and the fact that this happens despite the designer’s best efforts is the real tragedy.

Website Design Mistakes That We Most Often See 

Even the most experienced of web design and development agencies end up making mistakes. Therefore, reading the following section will help you avoid making or repeating these mistakes. 

Lack Of Collaboration In The Conceptualisation Stage 

The commonly used web page design framework requires you to understand the client’s project brief, make constructive changes, and move on to ideas. 

The collaboration process is often restricted to the concerned designers and client. However, there is another equally interested party that must be a part of this collaboration: the online marketing team, the content writers and developers. Structural problems will most probably start to surface if this suggestion is ignored.  

Brainstorming should include participation from various stakeholders to achieve a competitive web design idea. This ensures that everyone who will work on that particular project is on the same page. 

No Responsiveness

Leaving the website unresponsive is one of the worst website design mistakes you can make. You need to ask yourself does your website look good and work perfectly on all devices? Your website has to work equally well on a desktop computer and on a mobile device. For example, people who visit your website from their Smartphone should not be required to zoom in to see the content. When a user clicks on the menu or selects an action, the web should respond instantly. A responsive design adjusts to the size of the screen, offering an optimal browsing experience. 

Bad Loading Speed

Does your website load in seconds or is it slower on tablets and mobile devices? You have to have a fast website. According to recent research, 47% of consumers expect a website to take a maximum of 2 seconds to load and 40% leave a website if it takes 3 or more seconds to load. 

Therefore, you should choose a professional hosting plan to ensure higher performance and the best loading times on your website. 

Simplicity Of Navigation

Is it easy for users to navigate through your website? They shouldn’t think too much about how to get to a section or return to the main menu. Make sure that the navigation menu is displayed on each page and that it allows you to return to the page you landed on and you can return to any other part of your website. Web design Nottingham agency suggests that your web pages should include a link to the home page and other main sections of your website to allow smooth navigation. Avoid the use of too many menus or menu options. 

Unclean And Unintuitive Design

When a customer visits your online store, they must be clear about what to do. You must offer the visitors a simple and obvious itinerary. if you want to have a web page that promotes your company you must be sure that it meets the basic characteristics, since a bad architecture can make your page inconsequential. 

A poorly defined architecture can cause: 

  • Loss of SEO optimization 
  • Generate a bad user experience 
  • Produce a significant loss of positioning in Google.  

A web page is considered visually congested because of too much information. As a user, you do not know where to go. 

On the other hand, you must take care of grammar, offering a clear and error-free reading is also a crucial factor. Check each and every one of the texts on your website. 


Do you have enough blanks? White space, also known as negative or empty space, is your best ally. By analogy, high-end stores have very wide aisles and spaces. Instead, the cheapest stores have all the products piled up. You can follow the same philosophy on your website: use white space as the main design element. 

Intrusive Pop-Ups

A “Pop-ups” is the type of message that covers the screen. What most web designers do not know is that it is one of the worst website design mistakes they can make. Any pop-up that appears before 30 or 60 seconds of browsing and blocks the reading is intrusive. 

So you better lean on a tool that helps you define after how long it is convenient to display it. This way you will have control of where and when the pop up will come out without hindering the user experience. 

For example, if someone is reading one of your articles on digital marketing, when they reach the end of the article you can offer them the free download of the eBook on “The ABC of digital marketing”. This makes much more sense for your visit and will add value to your information and your website. 

Error Handling

What happens when someone accesses a URL that is not valid or a page that no longer exists? If you’re leading them to an error message that points them to the correct page, you’re doing well! A 404 Not Found error page or a custom error message is critical. If you don’t have yours, remedy it immediately. 

Contact Information

Can your customers or partners easily communicate with you? Your contact page is one of the most important sections of your website: an opportunity to convert visits into clients. So do your best here. Unless you have a good reason not to, please provide at least one phone number and one email address. If you have a physical location, include the postal address and a map. Then, go one step further and put the main contact information on each page of your website. 

Did you enjoy reading this post on common website design mistakes? If yes, then don’t forget to leave us a comment. 

Intelicle is a web design agency Nottingham that is focused on helping small and medium-sized companies to stand out in this digital age, in a close and personalized way. We carefully study each new project in detail as we want it to be a complete success and achieve the best possible results. 

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