Digital Transformation Strategy | The Art of Taking on a Systematic Approach

Every business wants to bring forward innovation in its own way. However, a digital transformation strategy is something that can challenge all of them. The process is somewhat complex. It requires businesses to invest a lot of time and resources.

If a business wants to shape an effective transformation strategy, it will need to have clear goals and a vision.

The point is, the use of modern digital tools is paramount. It has now become obvious that the companies, which don’t use these tools, are being superseded by the ones who do.

What is a Digital Transformation Strategy?

digital transformation

Long story short, this type of strategy serves as an effective plan of action. The aim of the plan is to give the business a competitive edge in the digital realm.

Some people believe that this strategy only affects the way a business’s use technology, analytics and data. The strategy will in fact also alter the way it engages with the customers and staff.

The strategy calls for a broad or holistic change.

The Story of Starbucks | What Starbucks Brought to the Table

Digital Transformation Strategy

The digital transformation of Starbucks has influenced user experience in a positive way. It serves as one of the best digital business transformation examples you can hope to find at the moment.

They decided to focus on mobile in their digital transformation phase. Starbucks launched a mobile card app that allows customers to

  • Find nearby Starbucks stores
  • Check the status of bonuses
  • Reload cards from smartphones

The app is the heart n soul of Starbuck’s ecosystem. It seamlessly integrates content partnership, mobile payment and loyalty into one convenient platform.

For the first time in 2016, Starbucks sent 30 personalised e-mails to their customers through Artificial Intelligence as part of a test. AI is now the driving force behind their personalised marketing. They can now send as many as 400000 personalised e-mails to their customers.

In 2017, Starbucks released My Starbucks Barista, a virtual assistant. It allows the users to pay and order after meaningful interaction. They did this after catching up with Industry 4.0 trend.

It also plans to develop a (DOM) Digital Order Manager, a tablet like device that will be able to track and manage new orders.

Digital Transformation Strategy | A Step By Step Guide

Digital Transformation Strategy

Create a vision

Creating a clear vision is the very first step of the digital transformation framework. The key is to focus on the end goal. Ask yourself, what is it that you want to achieve? Consider establishing long-term objectives. Focus on the environment that you want to create for the employees and your customers.

Your vision should only address your company’s future. However, it is important for your vision to be realistic. Start by identifying loopholes in the present structure and utilising the resources that are at your disposal to remove them. Adopt a systematic approach and focus on gaining a competitive edge.

Analyse Your Competition and Market

This step is very crucial considering the recent market dynamics and technology development. Many businesses nowadays fall prey to disruptive practices. Every business should analyse the market closely before initiating a digital transformation process.

At this step, you should:

  • Analyse emerging business models and existing competition nearby.
  • Consider digital solutions, vendors, platforms and technologies in your sector.
  • Find success stories in other business sectors as well.

Identify Technologies

You must not get overwhelmed with the huge influx of modern technologies. Think of technology as just a mean that will help you optimise a certain process. Therefore, you must find a technology that can help you align a process with your business objective.

You may consult a marketing agency Nottingham to help you identify the relevant technologies.

Make a Roadmap

Now that you have a fair idea about what needs to be done. The next step will be to establish a roadmap. One must take on a systematic approach.

You should draft a hypothesis and test it on a relatively small scale first instead of implementing all the changes at once, on a broader scale. Each execution phase should culminate with the outlining of a risk-mitigating milestone.

This milestone will serve as an achievement indicator that will illustrate a clear reduction of risk during the execution phase. Finalisation of vendors and securing top management’s approval are solid examples of such milestones.

Adjust Infrastructure

Now that you have almost everything covered in the implementation phase of your digital transformation strategy. You must now strive to gather a team of highly dedicated individuals & organise a panel of digital experts.

Train your employee, help them develop the skills required to assimilate in the new working environment. You may also get in contact with a recruitment agency to help you hire qualified staff.

Establish a digital culture that is in alignment with the transformed organisational processes.

Create a timeline

In order to devise the best digital strategy, a business must invest an ample amount of resource and time. Therefore, it is vital for a business to ensure availability of capital and human resources before taking an action like vendor meetings or technology assessments.

A meticulous timeline will ensure the smooth execution of digital transformation strategy.

Digital transformation allows businesses to improve their efficiency, increase their revenues, find new opportunities & markets, and open up new channels for sales. However, it requires businesses to utilise, integrate and capture quality data. Ensuring a smooth influx of real-time, quality data can help businesses reap the many advantages of the digital realm.

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