What makes a good website? | Things to look out for in your business website

One of the most important assets of a business is its website. A professional and engaging website brings your users joy and excitement, customers will be more willing to buy from you and Google is more likely to rank you better than your competitors. 

However, out of almost two billion websites around the world, many of the website developers get these basics wrong.  

We often get asked what makes a good website. What are the qualities of a good website? 

How can my website stand out from my competitors? What makes a good company website? 

In this post, we will explain the most important aspects of great websites, what to look out for and tips to help your site stand out from the competition. 

So what makes a website good? Here are the 8 things to look out for on your business website. 

Website Structure

Every good website needs to have a well-organised structure. This means a clean and professional presentation of the content without any clutter. 

Good websites are always built around your specific target audience and market. An organised website is more accessible and easy to navigate by the user. 

Before developing the website, you should always think of a thoughtful organisational structure. This will not only make it better for the users but will also be useful for future additions that you want to make on your website. 

Additionally, a clean and organised structure makes it easier for Google to index and crawl your website.  

If you are looking to optimise your website structure, have a look at our web design agency

Website structure

Painless Navigation

Painless navigation is one of the most important aspects of a successful website. Your users should be able to easily find the products they are looking for on your website. 

If the structure is confusing or if the information is cluttered, the user will get frustrated and leave. The solution to this is having an intuitive navigation bar on your website. 

If you have a big website design with a large amount of content, you might want to consider implementing special types of menus known as uber menus. 

Uber menus provide additional functionality to basic drop-down menus as they allow content to be organised in the navigation bar using a column.  

Originality of Content

Your business website should focus on customer needs, rather than what you are selling. Original and engaging content captures the visitor’s interest, making them stay for longer and they may also invite their friends to take a look. 

Additionally, Google values and recommends content that is original and relevant to the visitor.  

All things considered, posting original content is a great way to get double benefits i.e. engagement from the visitor and recommendations from Google. 

You can fill up your site with content either by writing blogs or creating pages that address frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) that customers may have. You can also optimise your existing content by looking at our SEO services

Beautiful Design

Good websites offer a memorable experience for customers. A beautiful design not only makes your site look good but boosts your sales. 

Whenever creating your website design, look for a theme that matches your brand identity, the target market and your personality. It is also important to design a website that is fit for all forms of devices i.e. desktops, tablets and mobiles. You can read up more on why having a responsive design is essential for a successful website

Another thing that most businesses forget is that their website design should be accessible for all audiences. This also includes people who may be colour blind to those that have more serious disabilities. 

Website Speed

Let us be clear, every customer wants to get information quickly, without any delays. If your website takes a lot of time to load, your customers will leave and you will miss out on a lot of sales opportunities. 

With competition being at its highest, customers know that if a site does not load as fast as they expect, they can just click on another one that will better meet their expectations. 

One of the ways of improving your website speed is by optimising any videos, images and audio that you have posted on your website. 

The same thing can be done for mobile websites by using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), which is a project backed by Google to decrease the loading speeds of mobile pages. 

In conclusion, your website loading speed is crucial when it comes to staying ahead of the competition. 

web page speed

Validated Code

A good website’s search engine visibility is dependent on clean and validated code. Messy or outdated code reduces your site’s visibility. That is why the coding should be the first thing that web designers look to improve on a website. 

The wrong code will cause browser rendering issues that will slow down your website. The solution to this is a validated code that helps with browser compatibility while also making sure that your website is displayed correctly when viewed on different devices. 

Moreover, a validated code is easier to troubleshoot, thus, saving you time. There are many HTML validators available online that can help you improve your code. 


In practice, most people scan websites rather than read all of the content. A good website makes sure the content is easy on the visitor’s eyes by tweaking contrast and hierarchy. The website’s background and contrast between the text colour are the two vital elements to improve the readability of the content. As a tip, don’t use a black as background or text colours such as dark blue or yellow. 

You can make use of hierarchy to identify the important sections of your website. Moreover, break up the content in sections to improve readability. Our web design company can help you with the readability of your website. 

SEO Optimised

When you create a website or its content, it is invisible until you receive visitors. Search engine optimisation or SEO helps to bring visitors to your website. 

However, SEO is not easy and certainly not the fastest approach to getting traffic. Bringing relevant users to your website through SEO takes time and patience. 

It is also important to note that the role of SEO is not just to bring traffic to your site, it is also related to attracting potential customers that will buy your products or services. 

When SEO is applied correctly, given time; it will strengthen your site and generate a great return on investment (ROI). 

Strategies such as advertising campaigns, social media campaigns, producing and promoting quality content, keyword research and backlinking are all strategies that help make a good visible website. 

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