Why is everyone switching to YouTube dark mode?

Did you ever find yourself working late at night on your PC because you spent the entire day procrastinating? Did you find the white background of your YouTube app to be unbearable?

In fact, we have grown accustomed to staying in front of our screens later and later into the night these days. Today we take a look at our first unsung hero of tech, that is YouTube dark mode.

Here is how dark mode works

It isn’t always obvious whether an app or a program features a dark mode, and it’s often present in the form of a little unassuming option buried away in a menu.

However, those of you who are night owls, know that dark mode works by reversing the usual colour scheme of your windows by putting light-coloured text on a dark background.

This isn’t as simple as just inverting the colours on a webpage as you might run into problems like some images not inverting properly or dimming properly when you apply dark mode through a browser extension. You can find an example of this below.

Website dark mode

Is dark mode worth it?

It takes a fair bit of finesse to code a good-looking dark mode. This is especially true when that dark mode is for a specific website. However, once finished, the dark mode can end up delivering a variety of benefits.

It has become pretty common these days for phones, tablets and computers to have a built-in “Night Mode” that supposedly reduces the blue light emitted from our screens.

The general belief is that blue light from our screens can disrupt our ability to fall asleep, so night mode helps reduce these blue light emissions by giving everything a yellowish or reddish tinge. You can learn more about the health risks of blue light here.

This is not a big deal if you are just trying to read text, but it can result in almost everything else looking faded and discoloured. This is where dark mode can have its advantages, especially in the case of smartphones.

Many smartphones these days are fitted with OLED screens that do not emit a backlight. This backlight is more common in standard TVs and computer screens. When dark mode is enabled, any black area on the app screen has its pixels completely turned off. This reduces the amount of blue light striking your eyes.

Sadly, you can’t experience the same effect on a normal monitor since its entire backlight will still be emitting blue light. However, dark mode still makes the screen easier on the eyes if you have no other way of reducing blue light.

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But it isn’t just about making the screen easier on the eyes

If you have fewer pixels illuminated on smartphones that have OLED screens, as we mentioned, dark mode will extend your battery life as high brightness screens are notorious for hogging your battery.

This fact often encourages people to use their apps in dark mode even during the day. According to a study done by Google, white screens can drain your phone battery six times faster than black screens.

So, it is a good idea to switch to dark mode on your apps and your computer screen if you are concerned about your battery life.

Dark mode on different platforms

Android currently offers options to enable dark mode on frequently used apps such as phone and messages. IOS has a “Smart Invert Colours” feature that switches Apple apps to a dark mode pretty elegantly and also works with third-party apps (with varying degrees of success).

On the desktop side of things, you can enable a dark theme in Windows 10 that can tone down the excessive white of the settings menu and File Explorer.

So although dark modes are not universally prevalent yet, it is great to see developers putting some thought into saving our eyes.

YouTube dark mode

YouTube dark mode has become a popular choice for many users these days as it makes YouTube videos stand out more against the rest of the page, allowing you to focus on the action more easily.

This is so true for videos that were uploaded in a low resolution and don’t look too good when viewed on the full screen.

As already explained, switching to YouTube dark mode on your phone or tablet can significantly save on battery life. This is due to the fact that white pixels use more power than black ones.

If you are using an AMOLED display, it is preferable to shift to YouTube dark mode and darker colour schemes will use less juice. You can drain your phone’s battery pretty fast while watching videos, so anything that makes a difference is welcome.

How to enable YouTube dark mode on android

For Android 10 users, the YouTube app will switch to dark mode automatically by enabling your phone’s system-wide dark mode. This can be done by entering your ‘phone settings’, select ‘Display’ and toggle ‘Dark mode’ on.

For Android 9 users or below, follow these steps to turn on YouTube dark mode.

  1. Open the YouTube app and select the profile icon available in the top right corner.
  2. Go to Settings then General and Appearance.
  3. Select Dark Theme and it will be applied to YouTube. Doesn’t it look great?

You can follow the same steps for activating YouTube dark mode even if you aren’t signed in on the site.

How to enable YouTube dark mode on IOS

IOS devices received the YouTube dark mode feature earlier than Android devices. Here is how you can turn on this feature on IOS devices.

  1. Download the YouTube app from the App Store (if you haven’t already).
  2. After installation, open the app and selectthe profile icon available in the top right corner.
  3. Now, select Settings on the next screen, enable Dark Theme and your YouTube app will shift to a dark background.

How to enable YouTube dark mode for web

A lot of people use YouTube through their web browsers. Here are the steps to enable YouTube dark mode on web browsers.

  1. On any browser of your choice go to www.youtube.com.
  2. Once on the site, selectyour profile icon available in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Now, select Dark Theme and click the toggle button. You are done, enjoy the dark background.
  4. If you are not signed in and still want to activate dark theme, then just go to www.youtube.com.
  5. Once on the site, select the vertical three-dots icon right next to the sign-in button.
  6. Next, click on Dark Theme and click the toggle button.

Final words

YouTube dark mode is a good way of saving power while also reducing the strain on your eyes during long working hours.

With humans spending more and more time at their screens, having dark mode enabled is a healthier and efficient practice.

That is why everyone is switching to YouTube dark mode and you should too.

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