Why A Responsive Website Is Better Than A Phone App

Are you running a small online business but cannot generate enough traffic on your website? Have you been considering getting a mobile-app for your business? The type of business you run will determine the suitability of either option i.e. a website or an app. However, we are here to provide substantial evidence to prove that all your business requires is a responsive website design.

Differences between a Website and an App

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While a website developer knows all that makes the two different, a layman may not. There are certain key differences that make the two things stand on their own:

The first and most important thing to bear in mind is whether an app will do the same job of a website and if it will do that task better or worse. The information on our complex website may not easily transfer into an app form. There is also less chance that a first-time customer will want to download an app for your business rather than simply visit your website.

What is a responsive website design?

responsive website design

Theoretically speaking, it is just like all those websites that you commonly use. It covers more digital screens using HTML addresses and is equally accessible from a phone, tablet or desktop browser. However, it is adaptable for each screen, having a specific design that allows it to fit into different layouts. This feature makes it even more useful for mobile-viewers.

The adaptability on different layouts is the most important feature for a successful website design. These days people open the same website on different sized screens. For a business to be recognised, a website that operates properly on all digital gadgets is vital.

Your business gets the attention of new customers if it has a responsive website design accessible on a variety of devices.

What is a Mobile App?

In contrast to a website, a mobile app is a distinctive program. In order to benefit from it, you have to download it to a smartphone. A mobile app is custom-built for every Operating System that follows different codes. After being stored in the phone, many apps can access different sections within the smartphone, like the microphone or camera. Some apps after being downloaded do not need internet access, whilst others do. However, mobile apps offer a limited experience to the customers if not accompanied with a responsive website. The condition to have a smartphone makes it less versatile as compared to websites. The added possibility of possessing a smartphone and not having access to the internet makes apps less handy.

However, a business man should never be static. You should always be open to new opportunities to expand your business. Have an eye for the future, and the future is digital. Having a mobile app along with a responsive website design can make a business more recognised and increase potential customers.

Is an App really worthy?

9 out of 10 times you make the wrong move by getting a mobile app for your business. Let us simplify this for you. Take a moment and recall when was the last time you downloaded an app on your smartphone? There are surveys on Google that show that almost 65% of smartphones users don’t download any new app per month. Most people download and use the same 4-5 apps that everyone else does. So, only if your app can offer something more than the top-ranking apps is it then worth it. Otherwise, spending a fortune on a mobile app without owning a responsive website design is pretty useless.

Why a responsive website design?


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There are countless reasons why you should prefer a website over an app for your business needs. Some reasons to choose a responsive website design are:

  • Works for drawing new customers to the business instead of just working with regular clients like a mobile-app
  • Accessible for a wider audience rather than a limited one
  • Adjustable layout for variety of screen like desktop, tablets, cellphones, instead of a fixed design
  • Easier to update than mobile apps
  • Updates are instantly visible to website visitors as compared to the app-updates that are only seen when users update the app

Cost Efficiency

An underdeveloped business should focus more on generating profit than spending excessively. The most promising benefit of having a website is that it is cost-efficient. Mobile apps are more expensive than websites with limited features available. Each Operating System; iOS, Android or Windows, each have to have different versions of the app, which is an expensive process. On the other hand, developing a responsive website design is comparatively less costly. They have lesser maintenance and upkeep costs as well.

The Final Decision 

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Reading a number of pros and cons articles about apps and websites isn’t going to make that decision for you. In the end, nobody knows your business needs better than you. Explore all your options before making a final decision and always consult with your website designer. If you already have a website, then minimise the cost by adding limited mobile-app features there. However, properly scrutinise your budget and digital needs to make an informed decision of investing in a mobile-app or website.

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