Wix or WordPress – The Fight of The Giants – Who Wins?

The battle of Wix or WordPress is still going on especially for people new in the field of creating websites. You might know Wix as a website builder from the massive campaigns for its promotion and the billion-dollar advertisement budget made everyone well aware of it. WordPress is more of a content management system that gives a lot of creativity for coders to play around with. 

Wix and WordPress both serve the purpose well but along with a few similarities, there are a lot of differences involved. Wix is a platform that offers a lot of technical support and is really user-friendly. It helps you build your website and is known as a fun and flashy way of doing it. WordPress on the other hand requires the developer to have the technical understanding and offers more scalability. 

What is Wix?

Wix is a website building platform that offers a single site to build your own website and from scratch without any coding skills. It offers perfect support for beginners to create without much experience in the field.


  • You can stay on the official Wix.com site to set up and do further processing. 
  • Wix is a beginner-level web development platform so you don’t have to be a technical professional.
  • It offers a large number of features from the start.
  • Wix has an ADI module to build your site with Artificial Intelligence.
  • It just takes a few minutes to get started.
  • Wix offers 24/7 customer service.
  • You can also get a free trial to test it.


  • You must follow the rules made by Wix as they have the control to take your site down.
  • You will have to stay with the initially selected design as it can’t be changed later.
  • It doesn’t offer the best module for blogging.
  • Wix costs more than WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a freely available website-building software and you can get started after installing it on your server. It allows you to create and manage your website with different web pages and offers a large variety of themes to choose from.


  • The software of WordPress is open-source freely available for users.
  • WordPress offers a lot of plugins and themes to choose from.
  • Most of the web is running on WordPress as it is a really popular platform.
  • WordPress frequently offers new updates.
  • It is a great content management platform and offers the best blogging module.
  • You can customise everything involved in your website on WordPress.


  • You will have to pay the additional costs of domain hosting apart from the free web-building software.
  • A non-cooperative hosting company might mean you will have to deal with all the technicalities by yourself.
  • All the different themeswork differently and even if you can work with one doesn’t mean you master all.
  • Doesn’t offer support as Wix does apart from the support forums. 

What is Better Wix or WordPress?

To give you better know-how on the differences, here is a further breakdown of both platforms and what they offer. But before getting into the details, here is a quick review to get a gist of Wix or WordPress.

Wix Will Suit You Better If…WordPress Will Suit You Better If…
You are new to the world of website building and you need a user-friendly platform that does not require any coding. It will work just fine even if you know the basics or even not that. Although, it does not provide you much flexibility, yet it has a stable plan for beginners. It offers paid plans starting from $14/month.If you are good at coding and want to incorporate your own skill into the website. It offers you the power and flexibility to play around and produce something that falls right into the set of requirements. It is a free-to-use platform but offers different paid packages as well that cost around $200.

SEO – Who’s Better for Ranking?

One of the most important factors when building a website is SEO because the way you will be ranked on google will determine the fate of the site. Both of the platforms rely on plugins and applications for better performance and offer varying results. Here is a comparison of Wix vs WordPress for SEO. 

WordPress Offers Powerful SEO Tools

WordPress for SEO offers a great plugin called Yoast used by millions of people to improve the ranking, visibility, and traffic of their site. There is a free and a premium (paid) version as well and you can choose depending on your requirements. The Yoast Premium is the ultimate tool used for SEO for WordPress and costs around $69 to be used for one site. It edits your meta description to make it more appealing and provides suggestions for internal linking. The redirect feature takes the user to the new page if there is a change in the web page address. Effective SEO services can also help you maintain a top spot in the searches.

Technical But Effective
You can get a high-ranking website with WordPress but you have to buy expensive tools, put effort into it, and work for it to make it effective.

Wix Has Easy to Use and Cheap Tools

While using Wix for SEO, you will find cost-effective integrations that can be easily incorporated into your web design and help you build a better ranking. Wix and SEO go hand in hand because of the cost-effective integrations it offers. The plugin called Site Booster will enhance SEO as it offers cool features like performance tracking and keyword targeting. It also embeds the company’s address in the search results to improve visibility.

Don’t Know Much About SEO?
Wix Does the Dirty Work, you can use Wix even if you are not an SEO expert and it will deal with all the technicalities.

Value For Money – Which One is Worth It?

When it comes to the platforms that offer more value for your money, you are not supposed to look for the cheaper one, instead, you go for the one that delivers better. Here is a quick Wix or WordPress comparison. 

WordPress Has Varying Costs

WordPress offers a free Content Management System (CMS) but you need to get your own paid hosting and domain name that starts around $2.95/month and $10 per year respectively. Not just that, you will also have to pay for a WordPress theme to follow that only requires a single payment. It varies from $25 to $300. For better support and functionality, you will also require plugins. Some of them are free of cost and some even go up to $70. A lot more is involved in the case of WordPress.  

Wix Has Fixed Budget

Wix on the other hand offers a set of prices that will not fluctuate much and it’s easier to budget your website making. There are clear payments that you need to make monthly, bi-yearly, or yearly depending on the package you get. You can go for the Combo package at $14/month, the unlimited package at $18/month, or the business basic for $23/month. When it comes to the choice between Wix or WordPress, Wix is more stable in terms of pricing. 

Design and Flexibility – Which One Allows More Creativity?

When it comes to the offered templates and margin of customisation, both Wix and WordPress have different offerings. 

WordPress Offers Endless Customisation and Coding

Practically there is no limit for the WordPress users to customise their site through coding and it can be complicated. It might not be possible for everyone to use it to the full extent as it is a platform for skilled users. WordPress offers around 2500 (500 by WordPress and 2000 by third parties) themes. If you are good at HTML and CSS, you can modify them according to your style and requirement. The usual cost of responsive WordPress themes varies from $30 to $60 and you can always customise them. In fact, if you have a skilled developer, you can create your own theme from scratch so, with WordPress, you have all the freedom.

It is better to select your WordPress Theme from the platforms that WordPress itself recommends so you would not be paying some low standard or sketchy theme designers.

Wix Gives Freedom Only for Beginners

It might not offer tons of flexibility for a skilled developer but it does give a lot of margin to beginners. There are around 800 templates to choose from and they are available with the Wix plan so you don’t have to pay extra. It gives you a complete idea of the final look of your site and has some sleek and intuitive designs to work with. It offers less flexibility as compared to WordPress, but it has a great deal for beginners.

Good to Know
Although Wix doesn’t require you to perform any coding it doesn’t mean it stops you from that. The Wix Velo is a platform offered for those who want to play around and customise their site and its template to make it just as they like.

Final Word – Wix or WordPress

The debate on Wix or WordPress can get longer but it all revolves around your skillset and requirements. Wix is a user-friendly website-building platform that allows even beginners to play around and create a showcase for their business. WordPress on the other hand offers flexibility and design options for skilled developers to perform effective web development services.

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